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Any member of the ShadowHaven community can create a pregen runner. You are encouraged to work with the chargen team in this endeavour. As a new player resource, they are subject to more scrutiny than Player Characters. The character must be subject to a premade team review of the character on the ShadowHaven premade reddit.

Design goals and guidelines

  • Pregen runners have a clear personal theme to allow players to get into character easily.
  • Pregen Runners are mechanically solid with an outlined area of expertise. All pregen characters are expected to pass a relative degree of competency compared to other runners of a similar archetype.
  • Part of a pregen runner's documentation is an "In Play" guideline. This document gives an overview over the abilities and tools at the character's disposal, including examples of how they work mechanically. This section can follow any format, provided that the presentation of information is clear & concise, allowing it to be easily understood by new players. Look at Waspkeeper's wikipage for an example.

Mechanical Creation Rules

  • Pregen runners follow the same creation rules as regular runners: They are standard (that is non-prime) runners, created using sum-to-ten priorities.
  • The Premade department will mechanically maintain pregen runners, tracking nuyen, karma, lifestyle costs, and key advancements, though input from the original creator of the sheet will be taken into account.
  • Pregen runners must not be retired PC's.

Creation Reward

The current reward for premade sheets are 5 GMP upon submission and an additional 5 GMP upon approval. Any premades created and posted before September 1st, 2019 are subject to the original 20 GMP reward.

How to submit

Premades follow the standard submission process, but use the r/ShadowHavenPreMadeGen subreddit, and always require a heavy review.

Premade Evaluation and Approval


Contact jag#7677 on discord to request an interview.

Premade Approval Requirements

  1. The character concept needs to be understood with relative ease, with a section on the character’s wiki page detailing commonly used mechanical aspects of the character and explaining how that character is intended to contribute to the run. This can take any form, provided it is coherent. Examples of sheets that likely will not meet this requirement are AR deckers, demolitions experts, and alchemists.
  2. The character needs to have traits that can be easily roleplayed, with sections detailing both the character’s personality and the character’s backstory.
  3. The sheet not only needs to be legal, but needs to pass a relative degree of competency in comparison to other characters on the Haven. Avoid judging solely off dice pools, as they can often be misleading when determining character strength. If there is an aspect of the sheet a reviewer isn't comfortable reviewing, they should feel free to ask for help, there's no shame in doing so.
  4. After the initial reviewer has finished checking the sheet for the final time, they should seek secondary approval from the department head or another premade team member. This is to ensure the quality of premades, primarily in terms of thematics and clarity issues, and does not need to be as in depth as a full review. If no other team member is willing to offer a secondary review within 1 week the original reviewer can approve the sheet.

GMP Rewards (given regardless of whether or not the sheet is approved or denied)

  • Full sheet review: 4 GMP
  • Secondary review: 2 GMP

Using the Pregen Runners

Pregen Runners can be used to apply to games by any player, they can also be used as NPCs by GMs. Playing a premade character on a run grants either 8 GMP or an amount equal to the run's RVP, whichever is lower.

Players without approved characters have priority pick of the Pregen Runners.

GMs who need a certain role filled for their game are encouraged to give suggestions for appropriate Pregen Runners. For example stating something like "Requires a Matrix Character, if no approved matrix characters apply, an application as LastJack or NetRat is a surefire way to get into the game." in the session posting on reddit.

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