"Well, Frag."

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"Well, Frag."
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Minor Contracted Security Company
Gav Jacinto
Security Guards
Casualties and losses
A lot of security guards


The team saw a post from one of the Haven's fixers, Onyx Black about a tip-off about a less-defended warehouse storing Renraku materiel. They decide to hit the place after minimal legwork. It went okay.


Onyx noticed that there was a Renraku convoy going through a secluded part of Tacoma. Pulling on records, he determined that it was likely inbound to a low security storage facility in the district.

The Meet

The team met up a few blocks away from the warehouse, after marking down their interests in hitting the place. There was no Johnson to formally meet.

The Plan

The team planned to con their way closer to the warehouse, before going loud.

The Run

The team managed to con their way into the warehouse, surprising the guards within. They make short work of the security guards and the drones, although Milliam was knocked unconscious. Tempo's car was wrecked, although still salvageable.


A bunch of dead security guards, Renraku lost some stock and materiel, and the some runners are now better equipped.


  • 52k nuyen of FBA/security armor/military-esque armor (But not mil-spec) and associated accessories, weapons and associated accessories, drones and associated accessories, grenades, ammo, and motorbikes under availability 19, all Renraku-brand equivalent. If you have a Talismonger contact, foci as well, from the same pool and availability limits. Also half the remainder of that in cash or, 26k nuyen in cash. (13 RVP)
  • 2 CDP.

May spend RVP to instead upgrade any Fixers' or Gear Acquisition primary Contacts' Loyalties as per Contact Rules.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"That ended up being remarkably easy. I feel kind of bad for the guards - they were just doing their jobs, until we decided we wanted their shit. S'pose that's just how things are, sometimes."