A Shadowrun Based on For 12 Weeks, the City Is Theirs by Sonic Boom Six Job

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A Shadowrun Based on For 12 Weeks, the City Is Theirs by Sonic Boom Six Job
Enduring Resistance Horizon, Knight Errant
Casualties and losses
1 Dawkins Agent


The Governor, puppet of Horizon, is planning a city-wide music festival. Seems fun, but no, it is all a ploy to gain the trust of the megacorps in the Technocratic party. They will shut down the streets for the SK stage. Close parks for the Federated Boeing stage. Remove homeless people for the Ares stage. Kick people off the beach for Spin-Global stage.

Ruining this festival will ruin the reputation of The Technocrats and Horizon. It will also show the megas that they can't run roughshod over the city.


Runner were hired to give Horizon and KE a black eye by sabotaging a corporate sponsored music festival.

The Meet

The Johnson met with the runners in a warehouse where there was work being done. They quickly came to an agreement for payment of 15k Nuyen if they could make a spectacular scene disrupting Horizon's corporate sponsored music festival. The runners took this a personal challenge.

The Plan

The plan Started with sabotaging one of the port o johns with a well placed flash bang in the worst possible way. The second prong of attack involved replacing the fireworks display with an obscene fireworks display of their own. The third prong of attack came in the form of replacing the music talent with an anti-corp band. The fourth prong of the attack came in the form of an aerosol vector hallucinogen released into the crowd.

The Run

The run started off a bit on the rough side, with the runners running into Dawkins agents guarding the port o john facility, instead of the expected low rent guards typical of a blue collar facility. A mixture of Neuro Stun XIII, and automatic fire, brought the threat to an end; however Horizon and KE, as a consequence, were alerted to the threat the runners posed to their operation, making the rest of the run much more difficult.

The second part of the plan was almost completely scudded when one of the runners were spotted entering the festival grounds the day prior to the event. quick things and fast driving allowed the runners to escape however they were unable to complete the objective requiring a return trip to swap out the fireworks display. On a second attempt the fireworks were successfully sabotaged with a mix of matrix skullduggery and some impersonation of event staff.

Due to more matrix skullduggery the band was easily replaced with a more "in your face" selection.

The final nail in the preverbal coffin took the form of an aerosol vector hallucinogen released into the crowd from a Kamikaze drone.

With that the Event had to be shutdown with many patrons demanding a full refund, the most unfortunate of which had a port o john explode beneath his cheeks ensuring emotional scars to last a lifetime.


Needless to say the Johnson was very impressed and humored by the extent of the events and was happy to reward the runners in full. Horrizon took a hit to their credibility, and many KE agents are likely looking for new employment.


15,000 nuyen. 6 karma. +3 Rep with Enduring Resistance

Player After Action Reports (AARs)