A Shadowrun Based on Multiple Songs from the Album Now You Are One of Us by The Paper Chase

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A Shadowrun Based on Multiple Songs from the Album Now You Are One of Us by The Paper Chase
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Factions Involved
Eric Payne Boombox
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Ares Macrotechnology Lone Star
Casualties and losses
5 Ares bug infected firewatch


"Ares is lost, this is the first of many valuable targets we can...recover for our needs."


The Johnson asked the runners to extract a fellow shadowrunner from Ares where she was being held prisoner for conversion into a bug spirit. Ares had been overrun by bugs and a bug infected fire watch team were holding her captive in the Ares tower.

The Meet

The Johnson invited the runners to a Bar-B-Que joint to interview them for the contract. The runners were treated to a nice Bar-B-Que Meal where they ate their fill while the Johnson laid out the proposal. The Johnson gave them some basic information that the captive runner was being held by Ares and that Ares was overrun by bug spirits. The runners accepted the job and started to get to work on trying to find out where the captive runner was being held. Fortunately for them Quick thinking from the captive runner she created a homunculi to carry a message to her fixer with information on where she was being held and the opposition the runners were to face to ensure her release. The runners quickly shifted gears into the planning phase of the operation.

The Plan

The runners decided to attempt a daring rescue by bribing their way onto a cargo Aircraft that was scheduled to fly over the Ares tower, and jump out into freefall activating wing suits to fly into the window of the cell while their sniper shot out the window from the ground. Once they flew into the room, they were to handoff an extra wing suit to the captive, and all of them were to jump to escape the building.

The Run

The run started out according to plan and the group split into two teams; one ground team, and one entry team. The aircrew of the cargo plane readily agreed to a two thousand nuyen bribe, and the runners put their plan into action. The entry team jumped from the aircraft over the target building and were on target to enter into the cell as the sniper created an entry point by shooting out the glass. They landed safely and prepared the captive for the second jump; however despite the captive runner creating a barricade blocking the door the firewatch quickly smashed their way into the room. A grenade prepared by the runners consisting of Blight, bug spray, and smoke, made the fight considerably easier. The runners fought off the bugs for a full minuet before defeating them with great teamwork. They made their escape without issue and collected their reward.


One runner was saved from a terrible fate and Ares was down one firewatch team.


28,000 nuyen. +1 Lone Star rep. 2 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Purkinje's Report

Okay so I'm not sure how I'm still breathing after everything I just did. I jumped out of a fragging plane onto the fragging Ares tower, rappelled down the side through a broken window, participated in a firefight against fragging Ares Firewatch, which by the way were fragging bug spirits, then fragging jumped out of the window and glided down to the street below. And I didn't get scratched. With two firearms specialists on scene and two technomancers providing matrix support, the bugs abandoned their weapons entirely and started trying to punch our street sam, which went about as well as you think it might. Sure they had superhuman strength, but that didn't matter against all that armor. Matrix-assisted predictive combat analysis and target marking made the weapons specialists' jobs even easier, in addition to a nasty cocktail of smoke grenade and bug spray our chemist/wheelman mixed up. We made quick work of the bugs and got that necromancer I met on my first run with the Haven out of there.