A Shadowrun Based on the Remix of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)

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A Shadowrun Based on the Remix of Lil Nas X's Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
LocationTouristville, Redmond
Result Retrieved a herd of stolen horses from the Redmond Lowriders, while also causing them substantial embarrassment over social media
Factions Involved
Old Town Road Gangsters
Redmond Lowriders
Casualties and losses
None No Fatalities; several gangers incapacitated


The Old Town Road Gangsters have a problem with the Redmond Lowriders. The Old Town Roads had been challenged to a race by the Lowriders; horse against sports car. The Old Town Roads, surprisingly, managed to handily win the race, embarrassing the Lowriders and earning the enmity of their boss. In retaliation, the Lowriders have stolen the Old Road Gangsters' prize herd of horses, leaving the Old Towners to try and hire someone to steal them back.


The meet took place at a western themed bar; the Old Town Road Saloon in Touristville, Seattle. The Johnson for the job was a retiree who now cares for and rides horses in his spare time on the behalf of the Old Town Roads. He filled the Shadowrunners in on the recent history with the go-gangers and asked them to retrieve the animals in exchange for a modest payment and the promise of future help if they ever needed it. After a short discussion, the runners agreed.


The meet was interrupted by the sounds of chaos outside. The runners emerged from the saloon to find that members of the Redmond Lowriders were abusing the clientele and attempting to intimidate the owners. A fight erupted, with the shadowrunners using non-lethal force and the gangers shooting to kill. Eventually, all of the Lowriders were dealt with save one, who was interrogated for information on his boss. He also confessed that the motive behind their attack was to regain some of the reputation they had lost when they failed to win the race with the Old Town Roads; their standing on P2.1 had taken a hit, and they were desperate to earn back some upvotes by filming their exploits on RaidCam. The runners let the remaining ganger retrieve his unconscious friends and leave after ensuring that he was suitably apologetic.

After leaving the saloon, the runners reconvened in a private room at the Daze in order to plan. Since the Lowriders were obviously nettled by the recent hit they had taken on their social media feeds, Scion suggested that the gang could be manipulated into competing in another race to redeem themselves, which could serve as a distraction while the other members of their team retrieved the herd from their territory. After the others agreed Scion, masquerading as a Horizon representative named Ashley Primetime, made contact with the Lowriders' leader and arranged for another race between car and horse to occur the next day, with Carbon this time serving as the jockey, racing against a Renault-Fiat Funone.

The race unfolded in a similarly humiliating fashion to the Lowriders' last contest, with some careful cheating on the runners' part. Scion hacked the vehicle's wireless network and infected it with gremlins, sabotaging its performance. Carbon, for her part, was easily able to outpace the hacked Funone, beating the gang-leader once in their initial race, and then again in a rematch with the Runone as the prize. The humiliation had numerous public witnesses, representing a severe loss of face for the go-gang.

Meanwhile, Aureus and Baobhan arrived at the chop-shop/gas-station hybrid serving as the go-gang's base of operations. The two guards that had been left to watch over the station were dispatched non-lethally with stick-n-shock rounds and a telekinetically thrown bottle. After the minor gang's minor security had been circumvented, the pair approached the herd of horses locked up in the yard. Baobhan was able to calm and control the animals with great success, and proceeded to lead them out by hand and guide them back to their rightful owner.


The Redmond Lowriders were deeply humiliated by the events of the run, and the herd of horses were successfully returned to the Johnson, with one exception; a single animal which was sold to Carbon. The Old Town Road Gangers were extremely grateful and indebted to the runners.


1 Fun one, 4000 nuyen, 2 karma. +1 Streets of Redmond. +3 Old Town Road Gangsters. (Those without disguise) +1 PA, -1 Redmond Lowriders


  • Carbon: 1 horse, 11250 nuyen, +1 Streets of Redmond, +3 Old Town Road Gangsters, +1 PA, -1 Redmond Lowriders. These Lowrider fools are a joke. First they terrorize the saloon and I take them down with a bullwhip of all things, then I beat them in a car race while riding a horse twice in a row? Technical issues or no, they should really retire before they embarrass themselves further.
  • Baobhan Sith: Not much of a fan of fools who can't take their licks and accept that they have work to do to improve, rather than just assaulting a bar full of innocent civilians live on RaidCam... Glad to hear Carbon was able to show them and their cars up twice, and I'll admit to being quite shocked to find out that I have an affinity for horses. Must be the Lakota in me. Still, horses returned, job done, and a happy Johnson!