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Bear (weisritter69)
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Brutal Brawler Sam
"If you make me put down my booze, I'm gonna make you hurt!"
MetatypeOrk (Oni)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.July 20, 2056
Sum-to-TenMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


Ex-Ganger, turned Underground Fighter/Runner


Live to the next day, drink a lot of booze, and find the occasional company of a bed warming companion.


Iori Tanaka was born to a pair of loving parents who wanted nothing but the best for their child. Unfortunately those parents were also SINless, so just keeping a roof over their head was challenging. Her parents did their best to shield her from the truth of their life, but as she got older, she began to feel the nearly overwhelming stress of her parents. But even that kind of family life was taken from her. She was 5 when it happened, she can remember it clearly, the Year of the Comet. The ring of fire erupted as if the gods themselves were angry with Japan. Tsunamis devastated Japan. Many lives were lost, families destroyed, children orphaned. She was one such unlucky child. She can remember calling for her parents after everything settled. Nobody would help her because of the fact of her very existence. A child, left alone, to fend for herself. People like her were easy pickings for early ganghood.

Having been left alone, she clung to the only people whom had been willing to take her in. A small up and coming gang, made up entirely of metahumans who were abandoned in the wake of Japan's fall. Being an Ork, she reached maturity quickly, and puberty hit her hard. She grew to be strong and durable, and the bosses liked that. What started as a young girl who'd collect protection pay, turned into an enforcer. By this point things were getting better in Japan for everyone, Metahumans included. But by that point it was far too late for most of her group. And though change was happening all across Japan. People in places like hers, still got the racism from other humans from cops. Though she recognized at that time, that not all humans were like that, she was of the mentality that it was safer for her to assume all humans were hateful of metahumans.

Her life changed for a second time during a meeting. By this point she hadn't rose in the ranks, but her reptuation as being a brutal fighter, she'd become trusted to escort higher ranking members in the gang. This meeting was meant to get the formally recognized as a gang among other gang leader. This meant they'd have to play nice with other gangs, but otherwise maintain their existing territory. And it seemed like things were going well enough. That was until the other gangs in this gang collective decided they didn't like the idea of their gang, period. Many of them were taken down. All high ranking members first, bosses first, going on down the line until they were at people like her. Fortunately she had warning by the time they'd got to her and a few others she had been hanging with at a karaoke bar.

Iori and her companions were forced to fight their way out and get out of the territory. A task that wasn't easy. But once out, 9it was a matter of making their way to the nearest coastal city. Once there it was a matter of burning their existing fake SINs, going where they want to go, and meet contacts on the other side to get new SINs. They didn't tell one another where they went. They abandoned their old lives, choosing to start new ones.

Coming to seattle, she got her new SIN, and started her new life. It started with smaller jobs doing this, taking that here. And graduated into a short lived job as a bouncer. When that job ended due to the club getting shut down, she fell into a slump, one that could only be filled with Hurlg at the time.Her life changed again, this time for the better, when she picked a fight with someone, during a drunken wander, after having hit up 3 different bars. She easily got her butt whooped, and than dragged back to his place. Where she woke up with a bad hangover to the smell of coffee hitting her nose, and the sight of the troll whom had kicked her butt. After being convinced that they hadn't slept together the previous night he made sure she was alright before sending her on her way. She happened to run into him again, and the two struck up small conversation. She was in need of money, and it was getting to a point where she was barely able to afford even to just keep her landlord from getting up her butthole about the rent. Having fought her, he knew she could probably handle her own in a fight. Even as drunk as she was.

Having been told to meet him the following night, she was led into an underground fighting ring. While it had rules, death and injury was possible. After the first fight, she made enough to pay her rent for a couple months, and equally importantly to keep up with her Hurlg addiction, one that she had been forced to slow down on considerably. Several fights later and she's able to keep up a decent lifestyle in a cheap little apartment in her little section of Redmond with a few extra comforts. Several more fights in and she was pulled aside for her first run, a run that really tested her abilities. In the end she had proven to be useful beyond just being a fighter. This is the life she lives now. All she has to do is not gain any unwanted attention, and her current simple life will remain secure.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Battle Hardened 3: Back in Japan, she's seen some crazy stuff. It's not easy to get under her skin

Bilingual: She speaks English as well as she does Japanese.


Addiction (Mild) Hurlg: Typically, the only alcohol that will give her that sweet sweet buzz without having to drink an entire gallon bottle of it. She typically won't drink on the job, but if it's offered, she finds it hard to resist the call and taste of Hurlg.

Bad Rep: Rumor has it that she got into a Hurlg drinking competition with a Troll. The rumor also says that while she was blacked out she instigated a huge fight at every bar in Seattle. The reality is far less glamorous.It was three bars. One in northern Seattle, one in Southern Seattle, and one in Central Seattle. She didn't get pinned for any of them. Though the rumors spread, and she is banned at every bar in Seattle.

Combat Monster: She will NEVER run away from a fight, once it's been started.

Striking Skin Pigmentation: This makes her easy to point out in a crowd, it's one of the reasons she wears a mask during her underground fights, or on a run.

Wanted: She is wanted by every Japanese gang due to some bullshit that she can only understand as hate fueled. As long as she keep herself from being discovered, it typically won't cause her any trouble. She avoids Renraku runs, and places controlled by Japanese gangs.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Roger Hendrix 3 3 Fixer Shop owner/Fixer Martial Artist, Former Runner, Teacher, Protector of the dowtrodden Even




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Ichika Sato (UCAS Issued)



Her typical form of wear is usually loose pants, and something over her chest. Usually just a sports bra, or chest wraps. When she is on a run, she'll usually wear a thick tank top and pants that provides her extra protection.

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