Firewatch Members Gives Lives, Use Orbital Laser to Defend Seattle from Wasps Spirits

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By Nanette Dickson, Ares Global Media

Posted on 2078-12-08 at 03:14:23 UTC

Firewatch members and trainees called laser orbital strike on a confirmed Wasp Spirit Hive located on Blake Island. The Firewatch members were joined by brave Firewatch trainees in a heroic attempt to rescue as many as possible. However - seeing that the battle was lost and with casualties mounting - Ares high command, along with Capt. Eduardo Horton who was the last member standing, authorized the use of Excalibur to contain the threat.

Mr. Knight said “today proves Ares’ commitment to the elimination of the bug threat, no expense, whether nuyen or blood, is too large.”

A memorial for the lost Firewatch and Firewatch Cadets will be held in the lobby of the Ares Building in Seattle. Already, flowers and AROs are being laid in thanks from a grateful city.