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Ibis Bird.jpg
Decker and Face
Otaku to Not-Technomancer
MetatypeHuman (Nartaki)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A

Character Information


An albino Nartaki who was an otaku for a few months. After feeling the freedom of gliding through the matrix and having it stripped away, they are willing to use all their charm and all their decking skill to get it back.


Emerge as a technomancer

Infiltrate the Heavenly Host

Bring down the forces of oppression on the matrix


Sarya Banahatti was always a little bizarre. Their parents were wageslaves in India and while the birth of the tiny albino thing might have driven most families apart, the parents were further spurred to love and care for the nartaki. It wasn't easy either and it only got harder when they sprouted an extra pair of arms at age four. Their albinoism, nartaki-ness and variety of other health concerns made keeping them alive, happy and healthy was expensive. Their parents perpetually at work, they found themself along at home and their parents got them a nice datajack to connect to the matrix. Keep them entertained. Little did they know the child was about to meet the God of the Matrix.

Sarya encountered the Deep Resonance. Or Deus. Or something. It was all kind of a blur. All that mattered was that for the time being they were free to make the matrix into their playground. If they had stuck around longer, they might have met others. May have joined a cult to Deus, may have done all sorts of interesting things. Unluckily, or perhaps luckily, almost a year after the little Sarya emerged as an otaku, the second matrix crash fell upon them like a tidal wave.

The dumpshock was legendary. By all rights, they should not have survived. And yet, to their dismay, they lived on. The doctors would not let them die, try as they might. After years and years of expensive treatments and a rotating ensemble of drugs and doctors and scalpels, moving all the way to UCAS for specific doctors and treatments, they were declared fit to go. At some point their father had died and they would blame the financial stress their near death experience had put on the household. They spent the next few years going through the motions but nothing would ever come close to those few months of matrix freedom.

When the existence of technomancers became common knowledge and then the existence of those otaku's who had re-emerged into technomancers, Sarya went down a rabbit hole. They were determined to re-emerge. They prayed to a dozen different Gods, went down every avenue of matrix research in the hope they could find that freedom again. One particularly dark evening, they followed down a shady lead to a dark place and wound getting jumped by some gangers, stabbed in the gut, robbed and left for dead. As they lay there on the ground, still stubbornly refusing to die, they considered their quest. Was it worth it? They crawled their way to docwagon.

They pushed on, still continuing to live. They had learned to find some small happiness in the waking world. It wasn't so bad. They were smart, charismatic. They probably could have a bright future. Then they got their first deck. It didn't compare to that first time they emerged but it was the only thing that came anywhere fucking close.

After a few years dawdling in the matrix, putting their skills towards hacktivist work, they got a call. It seemed their 'hacking for justice' had caught the right kind of attention and they got an invitation to work in Shadowhaven. They did a little bit of research. With a little bit of amateur detective work, they found out that their invitee was a member of a angelic techno cult and some ties between shadowhaven and technomancers. Actual fucking technomancers. The embers of that fire that had raged so strong began to light once more.

Narrative Significant Qualities


First Impression, Good Looking and Knows it - Their porcelain skin and sharp features leave a strong impression and they are almost uncanny valley attractive.

Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly) - Ibis is not the confrontational sort. They prefer to slink around, both in the matrix and meatspace.

Impenetrable logic - One's mind is the best defense

Reverberant - The spark of Resonance that their stint as an otaku brought them still appears here and there to this day.


Albinism 1 - They were born albino. What more is there to say

A Crash Shattered Mind (Flashbacks, Reduced Sense: Taste, Reduced Sense: smell) - In addition to the physical damage, the dumpshock they endured had a lasting effect on their mind, even to this day.

Driven - Re-Connecting to the Resonance will always be their main goal.

Social Stress (Gangers) - Getting knifed and left to die has lasting psychological effects.

Distinctive Style - An albino otaku sticks out like a sore thumb

SINner - They moved to the UCAS for medical treatment and endure regular checkups on the laundry list of medications that keep their body and brain from falling apart.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Gifts From The HeartArchtmagBy Royal Decree8 October 2082
Something That History has not ForgottenPatGrffinDead Gods Stir28 September 2082
Fragmented VineyardAsmodeus8 September 2082
Charon's New GrooveSarcarian8 August 2082
A Lil' Legwork Never Killed AnyoneSi1asA Taint On Us All6 August 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Handraniel 3 2 Fixer Technomancer Gatekeeper Free Sprites are Friends not Foes, Resonance Web, Matrix Networking, Knowing an AI or two Even
Dr. Henry Wallace 6 1 Custom(G,A,K,N) Cybertechnologist Cybertechnologist, Designer Deltaware, Cyber Snob, Embrace the Chrome, Biotechnologist, Black Market Pipeline, Cyber-Singularity Seeker Even
Cabinet Man 2 1 Gear Business Owner Entombed, Living Fossil, Decker, Old School, Jury Rigger, Swarm Rigger, Tech Vendor Even
Expedien 2 2 Legwork Free Sprite Matrix Entity, Resonance Realm Guide, Resonant Transporter, Sprite Secrets Even



The Heavenly Host


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Their marks and matrix actions generally take the form of them 'casting spells'

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 The American White Ibis is a bird native to the CAS, UCAS and Native American Nations
3 It is a medium sized bird with white plumage. Males are larger and have longer bills than females. Their diet consists mainly of small aquatic prey. A hacktivist by that name makes the rounds, although they are careful to pick up their tracks
6 A strange runner has that name, fancying themself a sort of 'matrix-seer'. They seem to have ties to heavenly host. They are also a stunningly attractive albino nartaki.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 You'll want the albino four armed freak
3 They're a weirdo. Walks with a cane and shit. Good at matrix stuff and good at talkin' to people though they stick out like somethin' else.
5 They work with some creepy matrix folks who all style 'emselves like angels. Seems like even on the matrix they're a weirdo. Know's a bit too much about old matrix stuff and technos for my taste.


Hannah Goldlewis: r5


A thin albino Nartaki. Their eyes are a soft red and their skin is a porcelain white. They are very attractive with sharp, almost fey-like features. While they do have four arms, they like to hide the lower two within their coat whenever possible. They style their hair into a choppy pixie cut and their dress is immaculate. They speak slowly, softly and deliberately. As a result of lifelong frailness and nearly lethal dump-shock, they walk with a cane.

Matrix Persona

Their persona is that of a masked humanoid in brilliantly white robes. The robes obscure their form underneath and the mask is in the shape of birds beak, similar to a plague doctors mask. It USUALLY has 4 arms but that number changes like the wind.

Media Mentions

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