If you'll excuse me there's somewhere I have to be where the whole fucking city can see me

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If you'll excuse me there's somewhere I have to be where the whole fucking city can see me
LocationSeattle Space Needle
Result Punk Concert on Top of the Needle
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Knight Errant



The ShadowHaven team ushered a three-trog punk band onto the top of the Seattle Space Needle for an after-hours, and unsanctioned, punk concert and escaped by base-jumping off the top.


Krime wants a HUUUUGGE publicity event to help with promotion and found a German trog-punk band that likes to do crazy things to perform on top of the Space Needle.

The Meet

The ShadowHaven team met the troll Johnson at the Big Rhino in the late morning hours, complete with pink mohawk and beat-up 80's synthleather jacket. The Johnson was a little busy because he was meeting a number of other teams to discuss other runs at the same time. The Johnson has a trog-punk band, named Troll in a Human Stall, who is willing able to play a set on *top* of the Seattle Space Needle and then parachute off the top. He needs the runners to get the band to the top of the Needle and back off when they're done.

Final offer is 26,000 nuyen, with a potential bonus of 5,000 nuyen if the band plays a full set (five songs).

The Legwork

Dandy called up the jump trainer, a complete stoner who was still sleeping it off, and set up a time for the team to get training on Free-Fall. Knox talked to the band, comprised of two orks and a troll on drums, and learned little else aside from seeing that they have done stunts like this before and have the gear to do. He later asked around the Crime Mall for access codes for the Needle. Rabbit found the decker contact provided by the Johnson, who turned out to be a rather scrawny ork with coke-bottle glasses. The decker had problems pulling up information on the Space Needle, but pulled up some basic maps before jacking out though he is game to go back in when the team moves in.

The Plan

The basic plan is to wait until after the Space Needle closes at 8pm, break in through a side door and then obtain a guard's access card to shut down the sensors. The team will then ascend the Needle until they reach the roof, weld the doors shut behind them and then party on the roof. Once the heat gets too hot, the team will pack up and base jump off the roof.

Rabbit will roam in front to clear out security and seek out an access card. Dandy will lead the main group (with the band) and back Rabbit up. Knox will cover the rear of the group.

The Run


The team and band approached the Space Needle under cover of night after the Needle had closed for the night. Rabbit was the far lead, searching out for patrols or cameras and looking for a guard's access card to use the codes Knox purchased. Dandy was on point of the main group, with the band in the middle and Knox covering the rear. The team got the band as close to a door as possible, then Rabbit and Dandy took out a pair of Knight Errant security guards with liberal application of Stick-n-Shock ammunition to secure an access card.

With the contact decker inside the Needle's host, the access card and codes combined to obtain easy access for the team and band. There was no issue getting up to the top floors and Rabbit and Dandy welded several doors shut as the team ascended to the top of the Needle.


While the band set up, Knox put up the banner and "Krime" was spray-painted on the Needle by Dandy and Rabbit. Then Knox used his helmet camera to call into KSAF's tipline with a live stream, which was split off to the contact decker. The team set off the flares and fireworks while the band rocked out four songs while mugging for the camera providing KSAF with an inside feed. The four songs in the set played are:

The Setlist

A couple of helicopters, including a KSAF news chopper, were in the air while the band played. Knight Errant sent in an HTR team from the ground, but they took a long time to get to the top due to a complete lack of eyes inside the Needle and the welded doors. The team had just enough time to pack the band up and get their parachutes on before Knight Errant finally burst through the door, but the team and band were just able to jump off the Needle to the west before the HTR team got to them.


All members of both the team and band were safely able to open their chutes after jumping off the top of the Space Needle. Knox cut the live feed to KSAF as the team parachuted over the perimeter, but one patrol car with two KE officers were able to intercept the team on the ground. Rabbit and Dandy dropped the officers with Stick-n-Shock ammunition and the team bundled themselves into Dandy's pickup and took off.

One patrol helicopter attempted to give chase, but Rabbit literally blew out all the electronics with a well-aimed shot with Stick-n-Shock ammunition. Dandy peeled out of there until they reached an entrance to the Ork Underground, where Knox hid the band. Dandy and Rabbit were able to escape in the pickup.


Krime is extremely pleased with the publicity from the event. Troll in the Human Stall is just stoked after the adventure. Knight Errant is extremely embarrassed with the live stream of the concert through KSAF.


  • 3 Karma
  • 28,000 Nuyen
  • +3 Reputation with Krime

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Dandy -
  • Knox -
  • Rabbit -