So Swift, So Surly - Seattle Drift

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So Swift, So Surly - Seattle Drift
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
BobbieJo McShane
Dave Davis
Street Racers of Seattle KE Officers and Tactical Response Teams
The pinkest of mohawks, the impromptuest of impromptus.


The gang, hired by the chew-spitting outlaw queen BobbieJo McShane, search to find her man Dave Davis, but really his car. They forget what they're doing, and enter a street race instead. They luck into Davis, and help him place high enough in the race to keep his car so that BobbieJo doesn't murder any of them.


Dave Davis, a relatively strong racer, has been winning and losing money in the Tacoma street racing scene for quite some time. He goes missing, and BobbieJo McShane's not sure if it's because he pissed off the wrong racer or if he's trying to make off with one of Pitty's custom cars.

BobbieJo McShane alleges that she is the daughter of Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane. He does not acknowledge this, BUT when the gang completes her job, he offers to let them collect their bounty in spare parts or cars.

The Meet

Canter scoops up Ca1yps0 while driving, and meets Rocketman downtown. Rocketman, new to running in Seattle, was asked by a police officer to show his licensure and remove the clip from his rifle downtown. The gun was chambered with stick and shock, which the KE trooper appreciated. As he spoke to the officer, Canter power-slid the back of the car around, scooping up Rocketman as Ca1yps0 made his cyberware scanner explode with a data spike, thus ensuring the run's pink mohawk status before the meet began.

The team met up with BobbieJo McShane at the Stop Quick, where she took them into a dingy back room to offer them 15k each to track down the missing truck and--for a slight bonus--her boyfriend Dave Davis. The team argues for a minimal increase of 16k, to which the J accepts. She gave the team pictures of Davis and his truck, (affectionately known as the wedge.) BobbieJo then ate a hotdog someone else had taken a bite out of, drank from Canter's Road Rage inspired energy drink, and stumbled out of the store.

The Plan

The team made no plans or machinations. At many points, they literally forgot their goal and decided to race instead. Thankfully, Ca1yps0 was coherent enough to matrix-search the car and Dave Davis, learning about his favorite street races before the team drove to Tacoma to see what they could find.

The Second Meet

With Magnum on his bike and the rest of the crew in Canter's car, the crew drove to Tacoma to investigate the race Dave Davis was most associated with on the matrix. They arrived at the pre race car meet, where Canter flipped her car over a guard rail to fly into a parking slot and Magnum drove in normally, since he possesses at least some chill.

The team began investigating the scene. There were a few cars of note, in addition to the standard GMC Phoenixes and Shin-Hyungs. A Bazoo Chrome and Bazoo Redline sat at one end of the parking lot, and a Tata Hotspur with a rocket booster and a Dynamit driving by a known ganger made the list of less common cars. The rest of the field was comprised of suped up Comets, Xenons, Chameleons and the like. The team also notices that the driver of one of the Bazoos has a strange mark down his chin.

Ca1yps0 introduces themselves to the owner of the rocket-boosted hot spur and puts a sprite in it; the sprite is directed to slow, but not crash, the vehicle. This may prove difficult as sprites have very little understanding about the real world.

The crowd encourages Magnum to sign up for the race, viewing him as easy pickings. Canter, pretending to be the grandmother of Ca1yps0, signs up as well, feigning mental decline because of her age. The racers explicitly repeat that--should she lose--her car might be taken, to which Canter and Ca1yps0 agree. Ca1yps0 asks if she can disable Canter's turrets. They come to an agreement that--should Canter attempt to use them during the race, Ca1yps0 may disable them in the moment to prevent unnecessary death and dismemberment for what is essentially a hyped street race.

It's at this moment that the team realizes they've TOTALLY forgotten what the J's request was about.

The Investigation

Since there is at least one aware assensing at the event Swerve realizes she should not be out in the open, as it may put the team in danger. Instead, she conjures a high level spirit from inside the car to do a search for Dave Davis. The spirit returns almost instantaneously, marking the man with the strange mark on his chin, who is--apparently--Davis in disguise.

Ca1yps0 meets up with the incognito Dave Davis as Rocketman walks over to investigate the rocket car, his interest piqued. Ca1yps0 lets Dave know his better half is looking for him, (but also the car,) and Dave fills Ca1yps0 and the team in on his scheme to help play blocker to help his friend earn a new car to absolve a debt. Ca1yps0 decides to ride with Dave Davis to assist, while Rocketman and Swerve will travel with Canter. Magnum will ride his hog as expected.

Meanwhile, Rocketman evaluates the design of the rocket booster. He discovers that the engine is only modestly stable. In a collision, it may begin running at top output until fuel is expended OR possibly explode. However, if some of the exterior hoses are damaged, the engine would fail more gracefully. By encouraging the driver to pour moonshine over the engine after the race starts, Rocketman ensures that the car will be taken out of the race, AND that the racer will be unharmed in the process, alleviating some of the main competition in as moral a way as cheating and lying can ultimately be.

The race begins.

The Race

Canter takes off to an early lead versus the entire field. Ca1yps0 and Dave Davis trail the front runners, in front of about 3/4ths of the field. Magnum finds himself behind the front half of the pack. Concerned, Magnum adopts the well-known racing adage of "cheat to win" and immediately attempts to cut across the designated racing zones. However, he's seen by spectators and--pride wounded--rejoins the race near the back. As they move from Interstate 5 to Route 16, Canter finds herself in hot pursuit from not only just the other racers, but also KE agents who have been following the race circuit.

Swerve considers sending spirits into their car to stop KE, but the team quickly realizes that it'd be likely lethal, despite any best efforts; Swerve holds back for now. Canter avoids a pit maneuver, and then swerves across into oncoming traffic, weaving between the cars operating on gridlink in their predictable pattern. The maneuver stops KE agents in their track, as continuing pursuit would endanger citizens.

As Ca1yps0 and Dave Davis pass the KE agents, Ca1yps0 squelches their radios to buy a little extra time for the racers before further KE interference. Meanwhile, Magnum has made up quite a bit of time since his motorcycle is more maneuverable than the full-sized cars, and has made his way up to Dave and Ca1yps0.

Rocketman dangles out the car to shoot out the lights above the racetrack, raining glass down and forcing the other drivers to slow to avoid it, and--more importantly--leading to the game quote. Thanks to his intervention, Ca1yps0 and Magnum catch up towards the front of the pack.

Eventually, just before they enter a AAA zone University Place, the gang finds itself on a raised road with two road masters stretched across them, spike strips set up. [[Canter spends her edge to avoid the hail of bullets assaulting her shin-Hyung. The now edgeless chaotic neutral car wizard specializing in unreality slams her vehicle against the concrete edge of the bridge, popping one wheel up before slamming her car against it one more time to barrel roll over the road block. The cars take off in pursuit. While the few remaining cars ahead of Ca1yps0 and Magnum get damaged by the zapper road strips, the pair find themselves neck and neck with a pair of other racers, vying for 2nd and 3rd.

Canter attempts to make a composure check to assist Dave Davis instead of winning the race, and fails it by a mere 999,997. Nobody can catch her before she flies through the final straightaways. Magnum speeds past the other racers on the more narrow urban streets doing a wheelie, and manages to find himself currently in second. Ca1yps0, pulling some weird nonsense only technomancers can, talks to her car, asking it what to do. Listening to the vehicle, she and Dave Davis slam on the brakes, sit there for a moment, and then drive off normally, confused. As they near the finish line, they find their two opponents pulled over by KE, and drive by safely, pretending like a truck styled to look like a wedge isn't assuredly noticeable.


Dave Davis manages to keep his vehicle and get the hot spur because of Rocketman's disabling of the vehicle. KE are now looking for a Shin-Hyung, and will almost assuredly never realize it's the one driven by grandma. Pitty helps the gang repair their vehicles as needed, but still does not acknowledge BobbieJo McShane--QUITE POSSIBLY because it's not my contact =). The friend may be appeased by the help, but may not be happy about being left in the dust. ((This is an option for any GM that wants to do a silly pink mohawk follow-up run at their discretion.))



  • 16k Nuyen OR 32k in vehicles & mods from Pitty (Any type of vehicle he has a quality for. Max 18 availability.
  • 3 Karma.
  • 2 CDP.


  • BobbieJo McShane as a 3/2 (4RVP)
  • Dave Davis as a 2/3 (4RVP)
  • Lacy (worst employee ever) as a 1/2 (2RVP) + 4 CDP (3RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh my god! Canter is terrifying! How am I still alive?! Cars aren't meant to work like that! Is her car a spirit or something! I was like screaming the entire time. I guess it worked out though. I barely had to do anything I guess. I sent some spirits to deal with cheaters, but I guess the frontrunners were pretty honest. Also, so many people recognized I was a banshee. That was so terrifying. I just hid in the car, and thankfully nobody came over to like kill me or something.


I honestly don't know what to believe, "The Shadows aren't like the trideos" is full of Drek. I watched a fossil flip a car like a skateboard - THE LAWS OF PHYSICS DO NOT PERMIT THESE FLIPS! a - I don't even know what that is, come second in a, I mean it must have been a souped up scoot - it came second versus a literal rocketcar... I mean, I - regretfully took that car out... THOUGH HOW THE DREK WAS IT SO FAST?! I mean, here's to next time. Hopefully Kerrigan took out her cut without too much spite... Oh yea, and a mermaid... How did I forget her among all of this...


Well, that was a strange change of pace - I haven't done any street racing in a while, and I didn't expect to do it in a suped-up pickup trick that we were hired to find either. I'm not sure what sort of rigger bulldrek Canter was pulling, but it was pretty impressive; I'm not too ashamed of coming in second next to that. Least nobody got hurt, plus I got a Phoenix out of it, so all in all a pretty nice day.