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Hipster Machine is a free sprite who helps to maintain and defend the Haven's servers and services. It also assists runners with the occasional mundane task, such as setting up runner profiles.

Discord Commands

Hipster Machine, the Free Sprite, can respond to commands made on the Shadow Haven Discord server. A list of commands is below.

Create Wiki Account

The command $make_wiki_account can be used to create a new wiki user account. Simply type $make_wiki_account followed by your desired username.

Command Description Example Result
$make_wiki_account Create a wiki account $make_wiki_account Foo Creates a wiki account with the username Foo and the password temp_pass_please_change. We advise changing the password at Special:Preferences after logging in.

Create Contact Page

The command $New_Contact can be used to create rough contact pages ready to have their details filled out. You will still need to edit the page to fill in some of the finer details

Command Description Example Result
$New_Contact Create a new contact page $New_Contact -name "Example" -connection 3 -aspects "example1 'another example' example3 example4" -type Fixer -faction "Streets of Redmond" Creates a new contact page at Example. Sets the contact's connection to 3. Assigns them the aspects "example1", "another example", "example3", and "example4". Sets the Archetype to "Fixer", and the Faction to "Streets of Redmond".

This command is a little more tricky. Let's break down what everything in that example does.

Command Description
$New_Contact This is the basic command that tells the bot you want to make a new contact.
-name "Example" This tells the bot what you want to name the contact. Your contact's entire name should appear within the quotes.
-connection 3 This will set the connection to whatever number you choose. In this case, it will be 3.
-aspects "example1 'another example' example3 example4" This tells the bot what aspects you want. Multiple aspects can be added, all must be within the quotes. If you want to use multiple words in the same aspect, you need to but the entire aspect inside of apostrophes 'Like This' to tell it to treat it as a single aspect. Note that this will only add Positive Aspects. If you wish to add any Negative Aspects, see below for instructions on what to change.
-type Fixer This will set the Archetype to Fixer. Please see the linked page for a list of valid Archetypes, as well as the format for custom archetypes.
-faction "Streets of Redmond" Optionally, you may designate a faction which your contact belongs to. The faction must be fully inside the quotes.

Note that this command will not create a fully finished contact page. There will still be many details you will want to fill out. The bot will helpfully note many of these in the source editor, but many people prefer to make use of the visual editor, which will not show all of the comments and may have a few confusing looking things. Use whichever is more comfortable to you. But note that in either editor, what is called Semantic Wiki Markup is important. This is where you see a description like Undefined. In this case, you'd want to leave Profession:: alone, and only change Undefined.