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Code of Conduct

ShadowHaven play is meant to be inclusive, satisfying, and entertaining. It is the responsibility of all members to maintain this culture and of the moderators to enforce it when necessary.

  • Members engaging in the in-character role-playing channels should be aware of and abide by our RP Rules.
  • Due to the mature nature of Shadowrun content, ShadowHaven is suitable for adults only. Minors (those under the age of 18) will not be allowed on the server.
  • Members must not conduct themselves in a manner that is disruptive to the satisfaction of other members they are actively playing the game with.
  • Members must not conduct themselves in a manner that is detracting from the entertainment of members engaging with the metagame.
  • Members noticing disruptive behavior should notify the SysOp, moderators, or ombuds.
  • Images posted to any ShadowHaven managed platform must be safe for work.
  • Please do not respond in a definitive if you are not a staff members in the #thematics #chargen and #mechanics discord channels. Definitive answers should only be given when quoting from a direct source or part of a team answering a question. Non-staff members may have conversations in these channels while making it clear their statements are not official ShadowHaven stances.
  • At any time, members shall not portray characters or non-player characters in a romantic or sexual fashion should any involved parties (PCs or NPCs) be or seem to be in-appearance under the age of consent (18).
  • When talking about other communities: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Table Etiquette

While playing on the Shadowhaven, here are a few things to keep in mind to help build a positive gameplay experience for everyone:

  • Remember to leave your actions open for other players to act as per the standards of good improv. Instead of "I open the door and leave" try "I move to open the door and leave" or, instead of "I pick my party member up" you would say "I reach to pick up my party member". The purpose of this is to maintain player agency as per both the Code of Conduct and a sense of courtesy
  • Utilize the chat features in roll20. Commands like "/w GM", "/me" as well as simple typing are amazing tools. Whether you want to do some flavor actions while the voice channel is busy, prep some action that is important but you don't want to interrupt, or just ask a question about something you weren't sure about. While most of these things can often be done over voice, the combination of voice and text is the greatest strength of using Roll20.
  • The Game Master has the right to remove a disruptive or excessively detracting member from a session.
  • Members who believe they are noticing detracting behavior during the game should inform the Game Master (via a direct message).
  • If allowed to listen in on a session when not a player, please keep yourself muted unless asked by the GM.

Wiki Etiquette

  • Wiki Vandalism is unacceptable and will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.
  • Ask other players before putting quotes/rumours on their page, etc.

Disruptive Behavior

The below is not a comprehensive list of disruptive behavior but are some common things to avoid participating in while on ShadowHaven:

  • Excessively vulgar or profane language
  • Talking over other players excessively (through rudeness or very poor ping)
  • Malicious player versus player actions
  • Racial, gender, or cultural slurs used out of character
  • Harassing other members
  • Conflating in-character conflict with out-of-character conflict
  • During a session; Any religious, political, and sexual topic that does not pertain directly to the game
  • At any time; Most religious, political, and sexual topics that are not handled in a reasonable or moderate way
  • Behaving in a manner which restricts player agency