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Version 1.2

ShadowHaven off-table RolePlaying (RPing) is meant to be an inclusive, satisfying, and entertaining experience. It is the responsibility of all members to maintain a healthy, inclusive community culture and the responsibility of Moderation to enforce this culture when necessary.

Basic rules

  • As always, you are bound by the Community Expectations.
  • Keep The Six Principles of Support in mind at all times.
  • Non-consensual RP (including RPvP) is forbidden.
  • Should an incident occur in an RP Space, please contact Moderation.
  • RP on ShadowHaven is not solely for your own entertainment. Consider the enjoyment of other player characters (PCs) when engaging in RP.
  • Multiple PCs controlled by the same player are not to be used to "gang up" on others. Use of multiple PCs controlled by the same player in the same RP Space is encouraged to be kept to a minimum.
  • Only approved PCs can RP in RP Spaces.
  • Be respectful of the Shadowrun setting while RPing.
  • Follow the basic techniques of improv. Instead of saying “I grab his hand to shake” you should say “I offer my hand to shake”. Forcing other PCs into actions is not allowed.
  • Do not interrupt the RP scenes of others with an RP scene of your own.
  • Overly dramatic scenes that draw the attention of others are not allowed. As an example, “My PC is dying” is not an appropriate scene in an RP Space.
  • Sparring between PCs is allowed but PCs are never in danger. A PC may never die or be injured (off of a GM’s Table) in a sparring session. The fluff of how the sparring is made so no permanent damage is taken does not matter. In addition, an On-Call GM must be present.
  • A GM resolving PC conflict on their table or in the capacity of an On-Call GM must be a neutral third party agreed upon by all players involved in the aforementioned conflict.
  • Permanent actions that drastically affect a PC must be resolved on a GM’s Table.

Canon Status of RP

RP occurring within ShadowHaven RP Spaces is considered Canon.

All RP occuring within Poker in the Shadows is considered Canon. For more info on Poker in the Shadows go here

  • If a scene needs to be retconned, contact Thematics or Moderation. Retcons are liberally applied.
  • A RP Scene with lasting, ShadowHaven-wide impact is automatically retconned and not considered canon.

Formatting Guidelines

  • For all actions and descriptions, use Italics.
  • When in the physical world or on the matrix, using “Quotes” for speech, <Angle Brackets> for matrix speech, and [(Language) Brackets] for other languages.
  • When in a throwback chat room, preface your message with your username. For example, “Dani California: Baby, what ya gonna?”.
  • When DMing other players, follow this format, “<<DM to Username(s): Message Contents>>.
  • When speaking Out-Of-Character, wrap your message in parenthesis ((like so)).

Player Safety Guidelines

All player safety tools on ShadowHaven apply in RP Spaces. This includes:

  • The X-Card System
  • The Consent Flower/Streetlight System
  • Lines, Background Only and Veils
  • Global Lines, Background Only and Veils