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Character Information


Rain is a generally quiet and serious guy who solely focuses on the task at hand. Whereas others might try to find alternative routes to a situation, Rain tends to solve his problems with a bullet. However he is not opposed to alternative options, especially if it makes getting the job done easier.


  • Unknown


"You still blame yourself for what happened?"

David had already finished repairing the Fly Spy before Rain could leave. The drone spreaded its wings and took flight, demonstrating that it was now working just fine. Wiping away the sweat from his forehead he continued on with the occasional topic.

"Come on, Rain. No one expected her to be the bomber. What matters is you saved lives that day and everyone knows it. Why turn your back on them and leave that life behind?"

Rain stared out the window as if he was searching for something, or someone. After a few minutes gazing out into the distance he zipped up his duffle bag and headed on out. The answers to the questions were on the tip of his tongue, but it didn't matter what he'd say for his life was different from theirs. It's one thing to stare at the lifeless body of a 14 year old, detonator in hand while wearing a suicide vest with enough explosives to level a city block. It's another to be holding the smoking rifle that took the life of the child that brought him fruits in a basket from her family's small garden.

Rain is a former law enforcer for Lone Star Security Services. In his early days he worked as a Street Patrol Officer, arresting and fighting criminals in the city of Seattle. His skills as a weapon specialist and experiences in the field eventually got him a place in Lone Star's Special Weapons And Tactics unit. He proved useful to the team up until an attempted bombing at a Seattle government building. Faced with a moral dilemma Rain was forced to make a decision. The choice he made that night saved the lives of government officials, along with other Seattle citizens, and the death of the attempted suicide bomber. He was praised for his efforts, however Rain felt nothing but grief. Traumatized by the events that happened that night Rain quit the team and resigned from Lone Star Security Services. Additionally, he managed to erase his National SIN from record completely and took up multiple fake identities. No one knew how or why he chose to vanish. After a few years had passed a majority of people forgot who he was except the ones that were close to him. Now he has resurfaced, but as a shadowrunner. The few who still keep in contact with him wonder why he chose this new life. If he did it as a means of income, atonement, redemption, or ultimately an escape. Only he knows the answer to this, and only he will live with it.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Adrenaline Surge: Years of training and operating in the field have heightened Rain's reaction time to the point where no matter what situation he finds himself in he's always the first one to draw. (Acts first in the first Initiative Pass of a new combat regardless of Initiative score. If other characters have Adrenaline Surge or use Edge to seize the initiative, characters act in order of their Initiative scores. Does not activate on a Surprised character)

Agile Defender: Through experience Rain has developed an ability to dodge incoming fire. (Uses Agility instead of Willpower when using Full Defense)

Tough as Nails:

Hawk Eye: Rain's experience with rifles have made him a pro in using them as if they were simply an extension of his body.

Antipathy: Finds it difficult to consider the feelings of others. (-2 to all Opposed Social Tests)

Distinctive Style: Rain is always wearing a custom made mask with a display monitor as a face. Most of the time it mainly displays static, but on occasions will display some form of abstract text. (Anyone who attempts to identify, trace, or physically locate this character (or gain information about him via legwork) receives a +2 dice pool modifier for relevant tests. If an NPC makes a Memory Test to determine how much they recall about the character, reduce the Difficulty Threshold by 1, to a minimum of 1)

Impassive: Past events and duties have shook Rain's core being to a point where he no longer feels anything towards the dead. (-1 to Social Limit except Intimidation)

Big Regret:

Run History

First, Do No Harm 2018-08-05 22:30 UTC [+4 karma, +15000 nuyen, Acquired Don Duke as a Contact]



  • David Mar - Police Chief (For story purposes, will not actually be used.)
  • Dr. Gotham - Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Street Doc (Swag)
  • Bloodstains - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Fixer
  • Chuck Person - Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Weapon Merchant (Swag)
  • Don Duke - Connection 1, Loyalty 1 - DocWagon (Swag?)




In Character Information

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Fake Sin: Eric Black (R4)

  • Firearms License (R4)
  • Restricted Cyberware License (R4)
  • Concealed Carry Permit (R2)


A somewhat short guy, light brown skin color, medium build. Has a full beard. When he's not wearing a helmet his hair is short and curly, shaped in a mini afro hairstyle.


  • When not on a mission he tends to walk around in some general clothing covered by a cloak that keeps rain water off him.
  • When on a mission, can be seen wearing an armored vest, tactical rig, and a helmet.
  • Carries either a grey duffel bag or backpack, the former usually containing his Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR marksman rifle and the latter carrying additional supplies or ordnance.
  • Always wears his custom ballistic mask.

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