"What are you buying, stranger?"

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"What are you buying, stranger?"
LocationPuyallup, Seattle and Tacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Esteban González
Random small-time gang
Shinji "Glitch Tripping" Shikishima
4 gangers
Casualties and losses
4 gangers' knees


Esteban González hired some runners for some legwork. It went really well.


Esteban, doing some legwork of his own on his customers, noticed some funky individuals as prospective customers. Worried, he hires some runners to investigate and maybe deal with them.

The Meet

The team meets in a Puyallup park, with Esteban being distracted by carcinization. Esteban provided the team with dossiers on the customers he wants investigated.

The Plan

The team head to Zenith's Pokemon game protagonist house, being nearby in Puyallup, and plan to do legwork.

The Run

Ca1ypso went and investigated the first customer, hereby dubbed A, him being a member of a moderately-sized gang. The ganger was shadowed by a bunch of icons on the Matrix. Determining that the devices belong to a tiny gang, the rest of the team decide to intimidate them into not attacking the first guy. The tiny gang's members were all kneecapped in the end.

During this time, Ca1ypso went to figure out what the second customer's deal was, hereby dubbed B, being a recently released UCAS federal convict, and a gang fixer. The team track them down, and hacking into their commlink. The team determined that this gang fixer had been ratting out rival gangs, but had been leaving his gang alone, and that the purchase was for their gang. The team informs Esteban about this, as well as the first guy's situation.

Finally, the last customer was a hitwoman who's contacted Esteban through unusual channels, hereby dubbed C. The team ascertain her goals regarding Esteban with a burner commlink, and determining that she means Esteban no harm, clear her.


The sales went without a hitch, the team was paid.


48k nuyen of FBA/security armor/military-esque armor (But not mil-spec) and associated accessories, weapons and associated accessories, drones and associated accessories, vehicles and associated accessories, grenades and ammo under 18 Availability, and half the remainder of that in cash or, 24k nuyen in cash. (12 RVP)

Optional Contact: Esteban González at 5 Connection, 1 Loyalty for 5 RVP.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Always nice to have a job where everything goes smoothly for a change - the J had some suspicions about his business associates, so he hired us to look into them and give him a bit of extra protection and peace of mind. All in all pretty straightforward word, I just had to chase down some data trails and point our muscle in the right direction. It was a solid crew, Glitch and Zenith were good to have watching my back, and it was great to work/hang out with Silverpaw again (as it turns out we like the same pizza toppings!) - plus now I've got some new toys from the J to play with too, so I've got no complaints here. 10/10, would work with again.


This reminded me of runs back in the day. A meeting in a park where all the talk was over DNI, an efficient crew, kneecapping gangers, really it had it all. The J was apparently getting some funny feelings from a few customers, so he hired us to look into things and make sure everything was on the up and up. So we find out the first guy is part of an anti-organ harvesting gang. No problems there, but he's being followed by a 4 man gang who he apparently pissed off. Ca1yps0 found their "turf" (A back alley in Puyallup) and Glitch, Silverpaw and I went to go have a chat with them. After making sure that they were the ones we were after, they still seemed pretty intent on harming the customer, so we made sure they wouldn't walk, let alone jump.

Customer B was apparently a recently released criminal being watched by the Feds. We took a van over to his place and Ca1 found a Fed commlink watching the place. Turns out B had been turning over other criminals, but not his own gang, and since the buy was for his own gang, we just warned the J, let him get his shit in order and left the area.

Customer C was apparently a professional hitter like yours truly. The J actually had her commcode so we decided it was best to just phone her up. We talked for a bit, but it didn't seem like she wanted the J dead, and no one paid her to geek him either. Professionalism kids, it gets you everywhere in this biz.

So we pack up and head home, cover the J on the meets the next day, but the whole thing goes swimmingly (heh), and we get paid and happy.