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Resonance cheating and buffing
Street Cred2
Public Awareness3
Titles and Awards0
Metatype - B
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - D
Resources - E

Character Information


A otaku to technomancer who lost his way and found it again in matrix games, now with his new connection to the resonance he strikes out for fun.


Expand his brand in the shadows and make the right connections to be a big time runner/gamer


- Emerged as a otaku a number of years back

- Spent his young life SINless and but eventually found a tribe of other otaku

- Mainly assisted in basic matrix things picking up bits and bobs of information and a cheap deck

- As he got older the powers he once had faded and he was mundane once more

- Falling into depression he turned to the only world he had left and focused on it.

- Over the next years became quite famous for his skill in a number of matrix games turning it into his full time job

- Eventually he had the resources and connections to apply for a full SIN and did so

- Not long after he emerged and spent the next number of years playing games for various teams in Seattle, across the UCAS and LA

- With growing fame in the Seattle sprawl he has grown tired of just playing games and has decided to have some fun with his skills. He is assisted now by his various sprites and technomancer powers.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Day job: 40 hours (Gamer)

=SUM spends most of his time playing matrix games for nuyen, he has a number of sponsorship for various energy drinks, sports jerseys, special edition commlinks and other garbage he has to shill to his subscribers. This also entails regularly shouting out his followers and tracking his P2.1 feed. This takes up most of his time and eats regularly into the run, if hes not doing matrix actions for the team hes playing some game, usually Awakening 1949.

National SIN

=SUM was SINless at one stage but after pulling a number of strings got his SIN request go through.

Poor Self Control (Compulsive I, Public Single Aspect): Reference peoples P2.1

=SUM checks every persons P2.1 account if made available usually to shill his own brand in someway.

Run History



  • Mr Incognito - Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - Fixer (Networking)
  • DeC0de - Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Hardware and Software dealer (Nerd Swag)
  • Dollar baby - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Bodyguard (Shadow services)
  • Annie Shields - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Simsense starlet (Shadow services)
  • Rhonda Savage - Connection 2, Loyalty 2 - Stripper (Shadow services)
  • Goldeneye - Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Mr.Johnson (Shadow services)
  • Goalmaster - Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Drug dealer (Drug Swag)




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Robert J Hobert - Rating 3 (UCAS)


=SUM is an Asian dark haired elf in what seems to be his twenties. He is very thin and seems to be well kept for the most part


Usually sporting some type of sponsored jacket, hoodie or shirt for tops and trousers he keeps quite plain.

Matrix Persona

=SUM's persona is that of standard matrix persona but with matrix advertisements and sponsorship that change regularly

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