(In) Over Our Heads

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(In) Over Our Heads

Symbol of the Red Hot Nukes Gang
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Unknown Corp Interests Red Hot Nukes
Eye of the Typhoon
The Accountant PAN-Flute
Seven Other Dwarves
Casualties and losses
None 1, The Accountant 0


After a couple of low-life Go-Gangers decided to raid a Federated-Boeing office, the team was brought in to hunt them down and retrieve the files stolen.


An unknown benefactor has been hiring a web of middle-men to assist in gathering data from various Federated-Boeing offices around Seattle. One of these middle-men hired a group of Go-Gangers to hit an office in Interbay. These gangers were caught on camera, and a Boeing exec hired a group of runners to get that data back.

The Meet

The meet took place at Mullingan's in Downtown. They met with a Johnson working for Boeing, but did not receive a name. Orchid talked the Johnson into upping their reward if they kept things discreet.

The Plan

The party set to tracking the Go-Gangers. They got tipped off that they were members of the Red Hot Nukes from a jacket patch caught by the security camera.

The Run

First the party tracked down and cased a Red Hot Nukes community mechanic's garage, built in the ruins of Willows Preparatory School. Rurosha and Hamilton were able to sneak in and scope out a bike owned by one of the Data-Theives. Hamilton was able to hack in and retrieve some GPS data from the motorcycle to find out that it frequents an old bombed out diner in north Hollywood in Renton. They get out of the garage without being noticed. Meanwhile, Orchid gathers info about the Red Hot Nukes in a local Tiny-Village. It turns out that the barrenites living in the area have a pretty positive outlook on the Nukes, which convinces Orchid to try and go as bloodless as possible.

The runners find the diner, it has a mix of Nukes and civilians inside. A very plain looking (dubbed the Accountant) is talking to a Satyr inside. Hamilton uses a fly-spy to listen in to their conversation, and is able to scope out some details. Tempest can't get a bead on the accountant's phone due to the barrens noise, so is forced to get up close and personal. They hide just underneath the window and fiddle with their matrix persona enough to just break over the noise barrier. They get into the Accountant's phone and download the entire contents of this device. From this they learn the Satyr is called PAN-Flute, and that The Accountant has hired multiple groups to try and steal data from Boeing; he has about 50k nuyen on various bounties for this info. So far, this seems like the first group to actually succeed. They also find that he has contact with a mysterious benefactor, who is trying to check in on his efforts via Comm Message.

The Accountant and PAN-Flute are arguing about the agreed amount of cash for the info. PAN-Flute is trying to highball the accountant. As this happens, both Orcid and Rurosha enter the diner. The Accountant gets frustrated and walks out the back of the building. Hamilton's Fly Spy and Tempest sneak around back and tap into the Accountant's Phone as he calls his benefactor. Tempest pipes the line to Orchid's comm, where she then plays out the conversation outloud to the various people in the diner.

The Accountant, frustrated that the price was raised tries to call in "Cleaners" to deal with the situation and recover the data. Before the accountant could broadcast his GPS data to the benefactor Orchid flicks on an Area Jammer, which disconnects his comm from the call. Once the comm is offline Hamilton assassinates the Accountant with a Roto-Drone mounted sniper-rifle.

While this happens, Orchid tells the Satyr that things are only going to get worse for him if he keeps the data, and he agrees to part with it. Orchid has to download it from the data-lock in the satyr's skull. She also gets the satyr in touch with Ace Power, as he will be able to help the kid lay low without any more bloodshed.

The gangers stuff The Accountant's body in the car, and discover a bio-monitor in his suit that was luckily disconnected from the matrix by Orchid's jammer.

The runners then return back to Mulligan's and pass the data over to the Johnson, none the wiser about its contents.


The Accountant's body is ditched somewhere out in Salish country, far away from the city. PAN-Flute reports back to the Red Hot Nukes about how he was basically saved by a group of runners, gaining them all a little sway within the Nukes.

Somewhere, a mysterious benefactor fumes. They were foiled in this moment, but never again.


▶+Rep 5 with Red Hot Nukes

▶5 karma - 5 RVP

▶16k Nuyen - 8 RVP



▶Lyra Smiths, Red Hot Nukes senior member - 3 Connection, 1 loyalty (3 RVP)

▶Eye of the Typhoon: Silence Is Golden (9 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

[[[Orchid]]] It's easy to take a life but sometimes it better to avoid getting a lot of people killed...lucky only the person who really needed to be no longer in this world caught the bullet