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Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
The Dukes
Good Boy
Frag Face


The Team needed to make a kickass birthday for a wannabe runner so they stole a limo and a cake filled with HE granades. Then crashing the limo in a statue exploding it.


The team was hired once more by the same Johnson to host a party once more. He recognized Desdinova, and questioned the old man for his nerves for showing up even tho old man had no recollection of what happened.

The Meet

The Meet went sucessful despite Frag Face acting as a Face.

The Plan

After long and detailed consideration the team changed the plan at least a dozen of times until they were set. The core of it was to steal a limo from a corp. Originally they wanted to steal one limo from each of Big 10 corps and create some sort of limo-centipede abomination, but due the time frame limit they only could steal one. Next in order was acquiring a cake and HE Explosives, one for each year. With the aid of Shiro team located where a EVO party is being help, they falsified the invitations in case they need to quietly steal the cake.

The Run

After the meet was concluded, the Johnson disguised himself as the Cyber Knight even had the signature replica sword. They had to take him with them and ensure that he survives. They also lacked a rigger to drive the car, with the aid form Des' fixer Vivian they hired The Dukes. Another issue was being the number of seats they solved it by having Good Boy sit in a lap and Shiro in the boot. When they arrived at the location Frag Face created his own ork-friendly door. The security was surprised and their gear bricked by Shiro. As they disposed of Opfor they left one to be beaten by fake CK. They retrieved the cake without problems. Outside they were ambushed by bounty hunters trying to claim Frag Face, appeared out of the van. They proved moderately challenging as one with pitchfork and bomb vest kept dodging all the hits. Their sniper met was pushed off the building with Good Boy's summoned magic arm and Frag Face threw a granade in the van killing the rest of them. But the Johnson got hit, luckily he survived it. After it they drove their stolen limo around for a bit before crashing it into a statue.


They returned back to the party, Johnson paid them and crashed form Slap patches.


  • ¥20,000
  • 2 Karma
  • Choice between:

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So we were brainstorming how many limos and granades we needed, then proceeded to steal a cake and a limo with knock-off Cyber Knight and then we crashed it into a statue. ...Why do I keep accepting runs from this guy.

Shiro Hime

That was quite the expirience but I think I would prefer less people next time my poor nerves nearly hung themselfes.