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MetatypeOrk (Oni)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness2
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.November 18th, 2048
Drive Link(Folder)[1]
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - C
Resources - C

Character Information


Former Heavy-metal lead vocalist. Has-been Rockstar, trying to re-live out his glory days through shadow-running.


Chase that thrill seeking pleasure. Earn enough money to support his has-been, couch-potato, do-nothing, bandmates. Look totally rad doing it.


Loudmouthed, Outspoken, Daring, Oddly charming despite his outward appearance.

Habitual liar.

A bit of an anti-establishment poser.

A-Rock as he likes to be called by his friends (and he considers anyone that isnt trying to frag him a friend), is a garrulous, friendly, but loud metalhead.


Pale green skin, gives him an almost unearthly quality. Massive amounts of tattoos on his arms, including a set of tattoos on his fingers that read "Frag Da PoPo"


Wears some sweet AR screen MURDER ARMOR. This helps him pretend he's dead whenever negotiations go south, to avoid getting shot at, while his meat-err muscly type friends take care of the shootyshooty-smashsmash for him. On top of the murder armor he'll wear whatever suits the occasion most.

Matrix Persona

A flaming guitar.

In Play

Hey kid, Let me tell you the trick to shadow-running successfully.

Lie. Lie. Lie.

Lie to get into the McStuffers, Lie to your Johnson about what a good job you're gonna do. And especially lie to your teammates when they make you promise them, "Not to do anything I wouldn't do." Ha. How lame. Bunch of do-nothing, boring couch-stuffers if you ask me. The real joy in being a social adept is resolving everything without a single shot fired. Let your Hacker do the computery shit, Let your muscle do the stupid dangerous shit. A-Rock does the real thrill seeking: Fast talking his way out of all sorts of nasty sitches.

Legwork: Contacts

Alright kid, ol A-Rock, here's going to share you a secret. Ol A-Rock knows a lot of people, so when you're not able to just walk up and find out information about whatever you need, just call up one of your friends. They'll probably know more than you. Who needs to learn things what you can be as pretty as I am. Yeah that's right, I said it. Normally I call my buddy infovore. Hes an infobroker, so he usually can find what I'm looking for real fast.

Anyways: research Research Research: It's going to be your job to negotiate with the Johnson, So research the Johnson before you meet. If you can, dictate the terms of the agreement with the johnson. How much time you have to do the job, How much help the Johnson will give you, and how well your team will do the job. Cheap Johnsons get Cheap results.

Research the dumb mark the Johnson tells you to target. Research everything you can. It might help you form a decent plan.

Plan phase:

Yeah, this is admittedly my weakest part. Its essential to being a good Face however. Remember any band needs a viable smooth talker, distract guards, seduce the servants, phish for access codes. Sky's the limit on this part bud.

Usually I just wave around my Horizon Press Pass and people will let me in.

After that, Usually I have to figure out how I'm going to sweet-talk my way into walking right out the door with the mark.


Don't expect me to drive it for ya. I can drive, but given all the drugs I'm probably going to be doing before the run... You probably dont want me at the wheel.

Hire a wheelman or something. Idk kid.

Combat Options

Listen Kid, there's only two options you have when people start firing. Fire back with your hidden concealed revolver, or Play dead. no two ways about it.

Personally I prefer to play dead. It's hilarious to see your teammates freak out when they see the gore-paks explode and ooze out. I like to make every "death" dramatic. Give some old tongue wiggling as you fall. Pretend to look hurt and betrayed. Protip: Pay your rigger to blast some somber music when you get shot. That. shit. is. Hilarious.


Read social modifiers under 139-140. They will apply. Make sure you've prepared for each social situation before you've gotten into. If you go in blind, you're going to be a poor face. There's a lot of adding and subtracting here. These can all be found on the player sheet, but a lot of the bonuses are hard to keep track of, so I'm listing them off for you. Feel free to refer to the character file instead.

  • Con 14 (16 for fast talking) add another +3 if they can smell me. add another + 1 if I'm on novacoke. (20 for fast talk 18 for Con) +1 if they know me from my rockin' days +2 if first time meeting them face to face.
  • Negotiation 14 add another +3 if they can smell me. add another + 1 if I'm on novacoke. (18) +1 if they know me from my rockin' days+2 if first time meeting them face to face.
  • Pistols 12 (14 Holdouts) Dont worry kid, I'll cover this later. This is only for if drek gets real bad though. Try not to do anything stupid with this.
  • Perception 9 (+4 for hearing/location based on hearing.)(+3 for visual) (13 Hearing) (12 Visual)
  • Performance 9 (Specialty: Screamo +2) +1 if I'm on novacoke and another +1 if they know me from my rockin' days (14 screamo) +2 if first time coming to rock out with me. Another +3 if they can smell me.
  • Leadership 9 +1 if I'm on novacoke and another +1 if they know me from my rockin' days +2 if first time i have to yell at them.
  • Palming/sneaking 8
  • Disguise 5 (+2 theatrical)

Anything else and I'm probably defaulting on the roll which is -1 to to the linked stat.

Further Reading

Alright. Combat is hard kid. Sometimes you cant avoid it, you just really need top frag someone. I have on me a Colt Newmodel Revolver. This is on my sheet. I have ADPS rounds on me for some when some fragger REALLY needs to die. Gel rounds for a friendly warning, and stick and shock for when I need to destroy some electronics.

The revolver has a smartgun system in it, so when it isnt hacked, it has 9 whole accuracy, which serves as the limit for the number of hits you can roll.

After you've readied the weapon, you can burst fire it as a complex action. You can fire it once per one combat pass. Burst-fire uses three bullets, which reduces the enemy's defense pool by two.

Once you shoot, the revolver adds 5 physical damage if you hit more net hits than the opponent defends. Each net hit will count as a damage going forward.

ADPS ammo has an armor piercing value of 4

Stickn shock does an additional 2 electricity damage and an armor piercing value of 5

Gel rounds give the enemy one armor and turns the damage to stun.

Again, try not to get into a shootout.


Was a trog musician for Horizon. Didn't make it big but it paid the bills. Now Have to shadowrun in order to keep my bandmates happy. Don't mistake me, I wish they worked, but I have to do most of the supportin'. since im the only one clever enough to make my way through this Shadowrunnin' business. ROCK ON!!

Narratively Significant Qualities

Addicted to novacoke (mild)

  • Yeah what can I say kid. I like the stuff. Really takes the edge off performing. and Life is a performance.

Dependent (nuisance)

  • Yeah trogmate bandmates for life. Have to earn enough money to support my old bandmates in their flat. They say theyre working on stuff, but I dont believe them. They just hang out and Jamm in my downtown loft. I sure do hope the neighbors haven't complained yet.

Disgraced: Former trogstar

  • Yeah used to work for horizon, they promod me as a bit of a badass.
  • +2 to intimidation tests to people who follow HEAVY TROG MUSIC.

Distinctive Style

  • Err yeah. Not many other pale-green skinned- tattooed trogstars out there. To be honest this is probably the hardest part of being a face: everyone recognizes me, and its just so so hard to go incognito.

Fame: Local

  • Yeah. Didn't manage to spread my music far, but this here in Seattle? People will probably recognize me.
  • If they do recognize me + 1 to influence them.

First Impression

  • Yeah I have a really cute face. People like me cause they just wanna squeeze my cheeks or tug my horns. It's really weird, what's up with that?
  • Whatever: +2 dice to any social tests during the first encounter with them

Rabble Rouser

  • Yeah so apparently I'm somewhat of an anti-establishment Icon. I sure hope the people don't find out that the establishment has actually paid for my career, very well.
  • +2 dice on trying to manipulate a crowd of 10 or more people

Records on File: Horizon

  • Yeah used to work for these guys. Be careful about interacting with them.


  • This doesn't mean I'm stupid mind you... I just never had much of an opport'nty to study much.

Run History

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Susan Rathmore 6 1 Legwork Metahuman Rights Activitist Even
Carlos Blanco 3 4 Fixer(K,G,N,A) Town Gossip Rumer Mill, Tortuga Taco Truck, I Know A Guy, Corporate Lunchbreak Even
Infovore 4 3 Networking Infobroker Info Broker, Matrix Expert, No Trace, Script Kiddies, Stock Market Even




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