AR Paper Raining Upon The Streets

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Shiawase News Media, 01/05/2081

Earlier this week a calamity was brought upon the doorsteps as a group of armed Neo-Anarchists attacked the Knight Errant Headquarters in Downtown Seattle. Resulting in multiple cases of damage and injuries, Two Bystanders and one Officer among the dead. In addition to the attack they were seen littering the streets in mass with AR paper. We have multiple views and footage of the assailants. Be warned the scenes you will see may not be suitable for those sensitive and feint of heart.

The scene opens up to a brown/black and white patterned GMC Sidewinder pulling into the parking area of the Knight Errant Headquarters. It doesn't take long before it starts doing donuts in the parking area. Immediately the lights on Knight Errant Patrol Cars go on and an explosion of black smoke happens outside the entrance to the building. A loud shot rings out as the focus changes to the helicopter on the building taking off then quickly ducking behind the building. The sidewinder peels out of the parking area as the three patrol cars attempt to also. Another loud shot rings out as one of the patrol cars starts smoking and stalls out. A burst of paper immediately flies out of the window.

The GMC Sidewinder starts bobbing in and out of traffic as one of the tires on a patrol cruiser pops and the car immediately collides with a oncoming compact. The Recording drone makes it's way to see directly into the driver and passenger area of the car. Another puff of paper comes out of the vehicle. Two people one with a tanuki esque outfit one and another with a sniper rifle and FLR is seen. The Sniper fires again as the windshield of the remaining patrol car is destroyed and the Sniper quickly tosses an object into the driver area of the car. A loud pop happens and black smoke funnels out of the car. The driver pulls over, steps out of the car, and vomits. The Sidewinder quickly moves to the behind of the building as a loud shot rings out again and the helicopter collides with the ground. The drone moves to show two more people one with cat ears and the other clad in black. The vehicle quickly moves off the scene.

As you can see the assailants are stone cold killers and considered extremely dangerous. Knight Errant has requested anyone that knows of these people or has any information regarding such to contact authorities immediately.

The news alert starts to play immediately more footage. The GMC Sidewinder is on screen sitting at a Taco Temple drive through. Another patrol car pulls up towards it as a loud bang rings out and the Patrol cruiser takes off away from it.

They are so cold they even fired upon a Knight Errant office while at a local Taco Temple. We have a couple of statements from the employee manning the drive through.

"Yeah man, It was crazy! They like pulled up, ordered their food, and then handed us a ton of papers. The gun was so loud! That had to be some kinda Military rifle!" -Drive through employee.

-Shiwase News Media, Kai Kirataki