A Corf-Sized Problem

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A Corf-Sized Problem
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Doc Brown (Evil)?
Evil Doc Brown
MCT Rotodrones
Casualties and losses
None Drones, Evil Machine that probably wasnt gonna work, dignity, arrested by KE


The best contact, Corf, got shot at and cried so Flare and Funk helped them out by destroying a crazy person's lifes work and got them arrested.


Evil Doc Brown was going to delete a leyline to become immortal. Corf didnt want this because he uses those to travel around.

The Meet

Corf was crying about getting shot at and having the ley line threatened, and Flare discovered Funk was a technomancer by accident

The Plan

Go fix corf's problem

The Run

Flare and Funk rode corf along the ley line to the location in question, where they were attacked by some drones. Flare danced around their fire while funk used techno powers to knock one out of the sky, and flare blew the rest of them up. They advanced towards the uncomfortably loud machine, beat up Evil Doc Brown, and proceeded to psychologically torture him for like 20 minutes before calling the cops. They also destroyed all his stuff and took his notes and things.


Evil Doc Brown may return for revenge, corf received an oatmeal cookie and two new friends.


Corf (connection 1) at Loyalty 5 - 5 RVP 4 karma - 4 RVP 2 CDP SG Discount for Funk

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The evil doc brown character was a weirdo, and im pretty sure his machine wouldnt have even worked. But Corf was so cute!! Like a little kid, who is also a puppy. And I am very interested in the ley line travel thing, what a fascinating ability. I'll also have to get in touch with that other runner Funk and get more details about that technomancer thing. The aura effect was very unusual.


First I find a strange minecart Wild Spirit in an abandoned railway station, and then a bizarro health mage shows up and figures out my secret with her magical mojo. Luckily, this mage is so low-tech she makes notes on ACTUAL PAPER. (Sidenote: I didn't even realize they still MADE paper. I thought I was the only retro act in town, but apparently I have competition on that front.) Since she won't likely put it on the Matrix, my concern is lessened, but not completely gone. Anyway, the minecart guy took us THROUGH A STONE WALL on invisible tracks and we ended up in a mad scientist's lair. Luckily the health mage can also lay down the pain on drones, and we worked together to take down the evil mage seeking immortality. We even got to turn him in to KE without it being traced back to us, so he shouldn't be a problem anymore.