A Crisp Taste of Christmas

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A Crisp Taste of Christmas
Trash Panda
Evans Doyle
Minuteman Security, CocaCola

The Run

  • The team was hired to steal a bunch of crates of Crystal Cokacola from a warehouse to give it to children in the barrens
  • After investigating with Clairvoyance, the team found the upper levels were too well guarded. The Crystal Coke was not upstairs, rather it was downstairs accessible by a freight elevator.
  • Team did a search for sewer plans, and found a line that went right under the facility. They investigated the sewers and found a maintenance access door guarded by a single guard.
  • The guard was knocked out, and the team checked the area. They could see the Coke, but there were lots of Minuteman guards.
  • A fight breaks out, and their Lieutenant, a FBR who was so cybered up the team mistook him for a Drone for most of the fight, proves himself to be seriously dangerous and resistant to much of what the team could do.
  • Eventually, the team wins, an Earth spirit grabs the goods, and the team escapes, leaving behind a gas grenade by the elevator to slow down pursuit.


  • ¥15,000
  • 8 Karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Doyle's AAR :

Got a bit lost on my wait to the meet, luckly I got there on time.Didnt meet the Johnson in person, 15k and shiny watch for Stormcrow to steal coke for children. The plan was simple enough: Get in steal the coke get out, get paid and make children happy. But things are never simple in this line of work. When we got to the place Trash Panda used Clarvoyance to find the drinks. Found buch of minutemen with M1 Garands, or atleast that's what i figured out from her description, there was also a basement with mana barrier. So we went into the sewers, Panda using Clarvoyance again managed to find the coke along few minutemen and bird drone. After bit of recon and knocking out a guy with neurostun we went into the basement. We got a good ambush on them. We knocked them out good, but buggers got few hits on me, almost bit the dust. And the freedom robot bird guy he was a challenge but he eventually fell. After that we packed the drinks and drove to solace, got our pay, Stormcrow failed to convince Johnson that Panda is dead, all in all a good run. 

Hybrid's AAR :

The mission was for a good cause, to give children a bit of hope for the season. So we basically had to steal several crates of 'Coca-Cola Crystal' from a warehouse, but it was heavily guarded. Trash Panda was able to pinpoint where the crates were, but there was a 'bird man drone' along with guards around it. That's where the rest of the team comes in to fight our way through. Stormcrow supported us from behind, Trash Panda hurled spells at the opposition, Doyle moved in with gunfire, and I charged into melee. That bird 'drone' we encountered was one hell of a fight. It's a good thing we were able to take him down, otherwise drek would have hit the fan really hard and really fast if any of us fell there. The mission was a success, and we managed to bring the crates back to the Ms. Johnson safely.