A Funky Introduction

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A Funky Introduction
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Red Star Clinic
Funk Drekhead69420
Casualties and losses
One Rating 6 Commlink
Funk's introduction to ShadowHaven.


A runner is born, out of desperation and a not insignificant amount of luck.


Funk's fathers has been struggling to make ends meet for some time now. Funk works odd jobs where he can to help out, but things have been getting tighter and tighter. After some Technomancer and Matrix skill applications, Funk wins his Miracle Shooter Silver Tournament, much to the chagrin of his opponent, drekheadshooter69420. After some trash talk, Funk gets Drekhead's location. Upon heading out to deliver some karmic justice, he overhears a conversation between his fathers. His Ork Dad Theo is contemplating signing up for some questionable genetic experimentation at a Red Star Clinic nearby. After a discussion, his Dads agree to give him some time to scrape some money together before taking such an irreversible step. After following the track of drekheadshooter69420's commlink, Funk finds DHS's residence. After a few attempts to do damage himself, Funk sends in a machine sprite to cause some trouble on the commlink. A spectacular success, Funk wakes up from VR to the sound of a bricked Rating 6 comlink hitting the ground out of a freshly broken window. Revenge is sweet. Funk heads back home to do some research, and 12 hours plus a does of Psyche later, Funk finds the answers he was looking for. Red Star Clinic has some strong ties to the Vory and Evo, and the research is definitively questionable, and likely dangerous. In addition, the housing complex Funk visited earlier causing commlink defenestration was full of Red Star Clinic and Evo employees. Funk keeps this information to himself, and goes to sleep for the morning (having finished the research at 5 am). After a good 8 hours of sleep, he wakes up and sets to the task of trying to find an alternative method of pecuniary acquisition.

The Meet

Funk puts out some feelers with several contacts. First he hears from Bryce, who has a brilliant business idea (shirtless sleeves.) Funk puts up with the himbo's shenanigans for a while, and Bryce tries to find him some work, but is unsuccessful. Funk then reaches out to his Fixer, Angela, who does have a job that needs doing. Coincidentally enough, the job is to break into the Red Star Clinic's Data Host and retrieve several pieces of information for her. After acquisition of the data, Funk is to contact her again to arrange delivery. For the price she was willing to pay, Funk was more than happy to help Angela out.

The Plan

The plan was to scope out the host and determine the proper approach at that point. The goal was to grab what information Funk could grab and get out without getting caught.

The Run

Upon arriving, Funk found that the Red Star Clinic's public host is a Destination Host, and was thus able to enter without trouble. After some searching, he discovered the entrance to the nested Data Host which contained the paydata he needed. While inside, he compiled a Crack Sprite, and successfully located the files he needed. In the process of copying the files, his presence was discovered, and it was only luck and his crack sprite's powers that allowed him to slip away just before the spider could track Funk.


After disconnecting from the Matrix and rebooting his persona, he got back in touch with Angela, and she arranged for a drop at a park trash can. He made the drop sucessfully, and walked away with enough nuyen to take care of his family's needs for a couple more months. He spent the next few days helping Bryce with his shirtless sleeves idea, in an attempt to obfuscate the source of his funds to his Dads. His attempts were...marginally successful.


6k nuyen (3 RVP worth)

Angela Loyalty from 1 -> 2 (2 RVP worth)

1 karma (1 RVP worth)

10 CDP (4 RVP)(edited)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Next time, I'm bringing backup. Lots more backup. That was WAY too close for comfort. I'm just glad I'll be able to get our food on our table for the next few months."