A Haunting Experience

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A Haunting Experience
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
None One mad scientist, lots of drones.


Our runners were contacted by their fixers. A Johnson going by the handle Owlbert Einstein needed an item retrieved from a rival, and offered a bonus for wetwork.


The target was an illegal magic researcher out of Redmond Barrens. Alone, with only drones and spirit backup, this promised to be an easy run to keep quiet. The goods were contained in a small ornate wooden chest

The Meet

Fairly standard meet in a bar scenario. The Johnson proved to be immune to negotiation tactics by the runners. A SURGEd owlperson, our Johnson must have thought himself quite clever with the name OWLbert Einstein.

The Plan

The plan wound up being surprisingly simple. Relay rented out a couple of rooms for staging, and did a deep dive on the target and location. Armed with plans in hand, 0-K scouted the area via the astral, finding no threats. (Note for future, when fighting magic users and the mage says no threats, ALWAYS get a second opinion.) We would infil, grab the package, eliminate the target, and be on our way. With the location being relatively off the grid, our target having no known affiliations, and his research being highly illegal, entanglements were a relatively low concern.

The Run

Upon approaching the house, we found that a number of cameras and drone defenses were in place. Fortunately our rigger Relay had a minidrone and was able to scout out an entrance. Using a miniwelder, we cut through the wall and snuck in. Past first camera, eliminated first drone, smooth and easy. Then the fragging fireplace started roaring at us.

Turns out that 0-K was too busy watching cat trids in meatspace when he was supposed to be assensing and there we were caught with our pants down. And get this, the ICE MAGE couldn't even kill a fire spirit. He had to be put down by regular bullets. Like from Rougarou's gun. Lapin took down two more drones, and the other two were taken out by Relay's rotodrone.

Finding our way to the basement blocked, Relay had the genius plan to gather all of the Lynx bodies, stack them in one place around a square, and cut through the floor using the miniwelders, sending Lapin and Rougarou crashing into the lab. Fortunately, 0-K must have finally run out of cat trids because he spotted the mage and two spirits in the space below. We fully prepped, and boy did we get lucky with this one.

The guardian spirit happened to be materialized, probably in preparation for dealing with the intruders. Unfortunately for it... 6 steel lynx bodies, two shadowrunners, and a sizable chunk of floor came down right on top of its head. Rougarou lunged out with her Katana while Lapin's Monowhip flashed, and we had a funny anime sequence where the guy manages to dodge most of the sword blow, only to fall to pieces a half-second later. Cargo (both organic and inorganic) secured, Lapin tagged the lab interior in Ancient colors while Rougarou left her calling card, and the party beat feet.


The trip home was smooth. KE activity in the area was negligible. The exchange with the Johnson happened peacefully, and everyone went on their way.


16k Nuyen

5 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It's always a little nerve wracking to run with an entirely different crew--especially when one of 'em's completely green. They did well and held up their end of the bargain. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of wetwork, but I'm always happy to keep my team from being on the receiving end of a bullet to the brain, even if I won't pull the trigger. Geeking a few drones and spirits I've got no problem with. It doesn't hurt if you can use the drones to crack the skull of the spirit for extra style points!

Rougarou: Getting into the place was a bit of a problem but lucky we made it in and dealt with the enemies and the spirits. it felt glad that we drop that mage very quickly.