A Scatterbrained Renaissance Faire

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A Scatterbrained Renaissance Faire
LocationThornewood Castle in Tacoma, Seattle
Rambozo The Clown
6 Troll Scatterbrains
4 Mafia Goons
Casualties and losses
A cart of healing crystals


Cuthbert Course, the current owner of Thornewood Castle, hires some runners to serve as discrete security for the Renaissance Faire he is hosting at his castle.

The Run

After meeting the Johnson and negotiating for shiny jester outfits covered in bells, the team changes into period-appropriate outfits. Rambozo hangs out with some Troll Jesters while Stormcrow circles overhead. Energizer talks to the regular security, and Wolfheart plays her lute. The Troll Jesters didn't seem to like Rambozo though, and he recognized one of them as a Scatterbrain. He quickly informed the team about this development, and Energizer drops into Hot-Sim to see if there are any other threats. She notices that a group of people are sneaking into the castle. Stormcrow sneaks onto a cart one of the Troll Jesters (Scatterbrains) has and peeks under the cloth, noticing a rather intimidating machine gun under it.

Wolfheart summons a Force 7 air spirit and has it move in front of the group in the castle while she sneaks up behind them. Meanwhile Rambozo takes up a firing position in a stall, Stormcrow prepares his alchemical preparations, and Energizer spots an enemy decker in the device she's in. All on queue, the team attacks all at once! Wolfheart's spirit materializes in front of group in the castle and Wolfheart uses Stunball on the surprised group. Meanwhile, Energizer Data Spikes the Decker, Rambozo activates a flash pack he had sneaked into the machine gun car, and Stormcrow hits one of the Troll Jesters with a Clout preparation. A fight ensues, and includes such moments as a Troll Jester in armor on horseback carrying a lance is fried by a lightning bolt and the machine gun shouts 'KRIME!' repeatedly at maximum volume while pushing AR notifications to everyone in range. The Troll Jesters suppressive fire the crowd during the fight, but are easily defeated by the team (though Rambozo does take his first point of damage ever). Unfortunately, a grenade tossed by Rambozo missed its mark and blew up a cart of healing crystals during it.


After the giant fight, the team takes the mafia goons and the Troll Jesters to Cuthbert's personal dungeon. He is impressed by their work, even though some guests of the faire were upset by the fight. He informs them that Knight Errant are on their way to take custody of the attackers, and thanks them for their work (in addition to thanking them with nuyen).


  • 8k nuyen
  • 9 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • The opportunity to purchase up to 4k nuyen worth of (SINs, drugs, weapons, armor)up to availability 16 at half price

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Yes! I finally got a chance to bring my Renaissance lute out in public, and no one looked at me funny! Or at least, they looked at me funny because of the magical wolf's head instead of the lute. I consider that an improvement! Also, this was the first time I went on a job after figuring out how to draw on the power of the land, and it was really powerful after all! I like... turned this troll knight into ashes with a lightning bolt. Woah! And I met a friendly spirit of the winds who helped me take out a bunch of mafia thugs. That was a fun time. I'm glad we were able to finish the job. It turns out I'm good at fighting!