A Shadowrun Based on Big D and the Kids Table's LAX

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A Shadowrun Based on Big D and the Kids Table's LAX
Part of Unwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour
LocationTouristville, Downtown, Seattle; Denver
Result The Johnson's band got their gig back at the Club Penumbra, Neon Zac got a pop-up gig in The Vinyard, Denver.
Factions Involved
Blue Streak
Denver Runners
Zac Neon
Walter Caldwell
Casualties and losses
None None


The team was contracted by a Ork band who had been kicked from a high profile gig at Club Penumbra, and wanted it back.


The ork band "Cyberware Manifesto" had a desire to spread the name of a lost friend through their music, in a hope it might help them find him. They had managed to get a gig at the prestigious Club Penumbra, but without warning, another band backed by Horizon, "Neon Zac", were given the spot. They wanted it back.

The Meet

The team of Blue Streak, Deimos and Slink met at a run-down bar in Touristville, where they met Cyberware Manifesto, and discussed the band's problem. Their musical project with the hopes of finding their lost friend had been given the chance to play Club Penumbra, and that opportunity had been stolen from them without explanation. They wanted it back. The team had no troubles with this, and after the Johnson went and pawned off the band van (without consulting the rest of the band), the team got started with a 10k¥ credstick each in hand.

The Legwork

The legwork was pretty straightforward. Blue Streak and Slink did a bit of research on the band booking agent, and the Neon Zac band that had taken Cyberware Manifesto's booking. Walter Cadwell, the booking agent, was doing pretty badly for himself, struggling to find bands for one of the city's hottest clubs. Meanwhile Zac Neon (who had legally changed his name to that) was the kid of some VP of a division of Horizon Seattle. Mediocre music backed by Megacorporate money.

The Plan

Using Slink's impressive skills of bulldrek, we would convince Zac Neon that there was a far superior concert in another city in another city that overlapped the Club Penumbra booking. Then we'd go convince the booking agent to re-hire the Cyberware Manifesto.

If all else failed, Deimos would magic some agreement into people.

The Run

For once, Things went to plan. Deimos and Slink called up the fixer they shared, Jinx, and asked her if she could hook them up with a call to Zac Neon. She handed us the number and vouched for us. We called up the richboy, and Slink got to work, laying the charm on thick. He claimed that Neon Zac was blowing up in Denver, and that they wanted to give Zac a gig with a much bigger paycheck than what he'd get at Penumbra. By some fluke of fate or luck ((also called edge)) this band was actually producing a lot of interest in Denver. After Slink promised to handle the club, Neon Zac agreed to go.

Next stop: Club Penumbra, the next morning. After getting past the bouncer, we met with Walter Cadwell, who was rather upset upon us telling him that Zac had backed out, but cooled off, albeit nervously when Deimos promised that she could cool things off with the previous band, and get them back on the lineup. One quick call to the Johnson, and Cyberware Manifesto had their spot back. Job done. 10,000¥ earned.

However, Both Deimos and Slink had pulled in a favor with Jinx to get this far, so they could hardly burn her. They had to come up with a show in Denver. At three days notice, including travel time. The trio piled into Slink's Bentley, took some long haul and moved out. At the Seattle border they had to arrange for a quick SIN update, but things handled pretty smoothly.

Now, here's the thing with Denver: The Great Dragon Ghostwalker controls it. Aaand he's pissed about people trying to kill him. So he gave everyone a choice; Swear fealty to him in front of a truthseer, or GTFO. Our UCAS and FRoH SINs were not gonna get us through the door unless we swore that oath. So another quick call to our SIN forger contact gets us set up with three burner SINs for Denver under Ghostwalker's authority, allowing the team through without swearing an oath to a fragging Great Dragon.

Once in Denver, the team scouted out a venue, made a deal, plastered the sky with advertising, and put on a show, using Deimos' illusion magic as a gear-free gaffer. And on the show went. Until the runner team burst in trying to kidnap our star.

Naturally, the levitating glowy mage in the middle of the room was the first target, Deimos taking four rounds of SnS and two stunbolts before she even fully processed what was going on. However, in that time, Slink and Blue Streak managed to knock out both the runner team's mage and street samurai in that timeframe, leaving their face at the mercy of the pissed off mage. But because the show must go on, Deimos attempted to sustain her flight and the illusion for the show, while telling the face in mind controlly to drop his gun and leave. While she failed, the face still surrendered, helping his buddies to escape before the police arrived while Slink calmed the crowd and resumed the show.


One booking conflict resolved One show put on One Horizon "star" saved Personal thanks from Ghostwalker for handling the Denver runner team (as if the Seattle team weren't scared enough already!)


  • 5 karma
  • 12850 Nuyen (12900 for Slink)
  • +1 Rep with Seattle Punk Scene

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Blue Streak

It went exactly as described above. I (Blue Streak) did some digging on Caldwell, the Penumbra guy, and the replacement band. Then Slink went to work. Have to add that Slink had a really nice tricked out Bentley Concordat for the ride to Denver. Sadly he did not trust me with the wheels. Kinda understand him not letting a Barrens ork like me that he just met with a 100k+ car, but still.

I helped find a suitable place in Denver for our gig. My interest in music and knowing how to find things via the matrix came in handy once again.

Everything seemed to go smoothly but halfway into the show (with Deimos really enhancing it with some illusions), suddenly three shadowrunners stormed in. A sam in FBA and assault rifle, a mage! and some pistol guy. Pistol guy must have infiltrated us earlier, because they opened fire on Deimos up in the roof immediately. And here I was, only armed with a machine pistol and a stun baton. Only acting security for the show.

Odds not looking good, but I'm rather dangerous even without my Raiden. A few well aimed bursts of SnS from me and the big guy actually went down. Next I took out the mage (already on the floor thanks to some gel rounds from Slink). Pistol guy surrendered and Slink calmed down the audience. The show must go on! Have to really admire Deimos for keeping entertainment spells during the fight and after despite being nearly unsconscious and hurting. True professionalism! No problem running with these two again.


"You know, I always like a run where everyone feels like they won. This time, I feel we went above and beyond to achieve this, but it was pretty successful. Our brilliant face manages to quicktalk the target into a non-existent gig in Denver of all places, got the club manager to return the spot to our employer, and had the job done in a couple hours. But we then decided to con our way into Denver, put on a show, and reap the profits.

Aside from some border control issues, some jackasses trying to kidnap our star and being shot to shit, I think things went well. The show went on! And it was highly amusing to get a *personal* thank-you from big Ghostie saying thanks for upholding the law in their city."