A Shadowrun Based on Strike Anywhere's Topic

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A Shadowrun Based on Strike Anywhere's Topic
LocationRedmond Barrens
Result Helped the Johnson take care of the people messing with his P2.1 score
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Henry Explicit
The Johnson, Random Gangers, Poisson's Tribe, Lone Star
Casualties and losses
None 2 knocked out Lone Star officers, entirety of Poisson's Tribe killed or wounded


The Johnson, a reasonably high up Horizon exec, was suffering from the attention of a group of dissonant technomancers, who were taking his texts and calls in real time and distributing them almost as soon as they were sent.


The original location of the meet proved to be burned, as BB spotted several officers that looked more alert than the others, and so it was delayed, and the location changed to a Horror House BTL den. It went well at first, the runners agreeing to take the job for 22000... But before they'd even gotten out of the room, they started receiving texts that were forwarded from the Johnson's commlink wherein he was... less than complimentary. The runners confronted him about it, and things got heated, during which point he offered 10000 nuyen to anyone downstairs who could get the runners off him. Several seconds later, the responding gangers who survived surrendered, and the runners informed him the price was now 30000 nuyen, which he agreed to.


With information received from the Johnson and some legwork of their own, they managed to track down Poisson's Tribe, and picked up a few of the grenades that generate noise in the area. That finished, they decided the best course of action was to go loud, and get it over as fast as possible.

BB got them in with her B&E skills, and took a peek inside the room where all the technomancers were grouped, and found that they were accompanied by a pair of Lone Star officers. HE (I think, I could be wrong) started the fight by chucking in a Fuzzy Boom Boom Bunny and an HE grenade, which caused the majority of the Technos to run for their lives, into the entryway that the runners were grouped up in. Which caused the fight to turn from moderately organized gunfight, into a disorganized drekshow lasting 6 combat turns. Hits were traded by both sides, more grenades were judiciously applied, and by the time the smoke cleared, the runners proved (barely) victorious.

BB brought her compatriots (and any weapons they may have dropped) to the street doc at the Krime Mall, and collected payment for the run, distributing it as agreed upon.


BB, being the last runner standing, dropped the others off at a Street Doc at the Crime Mall, and rented one night's rest for each of them there.


30,000 nuyen, 1 karma (20,000 and 6 karma for Queen)


Henry Explicit: Well that was a fraggin bastard of a run. Showed up late for the meet, hackers had screwed with the time on my comlink. No worries though the Johnson turn out to be an asshat. We accepted the job for 22,000 Nuyen, but then we each received some insults from the Johnson. Maybe next time think before you text insults, specifically if a hacker is tapped into your fraggin stupid comlink!!! Well we told him the price went up to 30,000. He disagreed and tried to leave. Tried to is the keyword here. I grabbed him as I received another insulting text. We he did not like this, so he sent a message to the rent-a-gangers downstairs. I pinned the fragger, while the rest of runners took the pricks down. After the remaining gangers stood down, the Johnson agreed to the price increase.

Dandy managed to find some info about the culprits. Turns out to be a bunch of those Technos in an office building. So we where tired of this drek, so we stormed the place. I started the fight with my usual chucking of grenades, a new one called a Fuzzy Boom Boom Bunny which Queen did not like, and my typical H.E. Well it turn into a drekstorm immediately after that. For some reason these technos got into close range combat with Dandy, Banshee, and Queen. I unfortunately did not get that privilege. Well Dandy and Queen handled the ones who rushed toward them, Banshee and I took care of the ones in the stair well. I got Banshee with the blast radius of an H.E. but she seemed like the tough sort. Blew some of those Techno to bits though. Well eventually I took a snooze, and well woke up with some bruise and a headache in a Crime Mall street doc recovery area. Apparently Banshee finished the fight, and got the rest of us fraggers out of there. Even picked up my non-explosive throwing weapons. Owe her a drink sometime.