A Six Hour Tour

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A Six Hour Tour
Part of Adversaries
LocationResonance Realms: Out of Band, Tombstones, Kernel Panic, Human Misery
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The FisherKing
FisherKing's Courier Pet Sprite
Six Fault Sprites
Casualties and losses
None Six Fault Sprites


Twitch needs to get Swarms as a Resonance Echo. Everyone needs to get more information on what happened to Z3K3. Add a liberal dash of an infobroker trying to do his job in the Resonance Relams and someone who doesn't want the infobroker to get the information, stir in some Resonance craziness, and you get this run.


Z3K3 was a young runner that worked in ShadowHaven who was murdered trying to find out both more information about Neo-Haven and trying to help Janitor Dan out with who was hacking his janitor drone, Monica.

The Meet

The meet happened with the runners being deposited onto a desert island, which was surrounded by a sea of data flowing from location to location.

The Plan

The only way out of a Resonance Quest is through. Night Claws created a yellow submarine using Resonance Veil (this makes only a little bit more sense in context), and the runners sail the endless data seas.

The Run

The runners eventually come up on a Courier Sprite who was attempting to stealthy fish out data from the sea. The runners spot the both files: the Echo that Twitch was interested in, and another data file from Z3K3 they had been looking for. The Sprite, noticing the yellow submarine, tries to get away from the players, having collected the interesting information that its master wanted to sell. The players, fond of the idea of pirates, turn their resonance material illusion into a ship with wheels, and using Twitch's expertise, drove after it until they hit a thunk under their hull.

The area became covered by fog, and was covered by a graveyard. This was Tombstones, the place where abandonware and programs long ago were abandoned. There was a crypt with an red rectangle with a triangle inside of it. Crypt3ch became slightly unnerved at this place with the shambling zombie sprites but the inteprid adventurers managed to gird their loins and continue on.

It was apparent the sprite was trying to shake the adventurers, because it took them to the madness that was Kernel Panic: a realm where the Resonance continually tried to reshape itself and Euclidan geometry was more of a suggestion as a reality. It affected their boat (although the impressive land vessel managed to stay together) and their persona as even the 'land' itself reshaped and retooled itself. The Courier Sprite found itself in some real trouble, however, as seven Fault Sprites that came from an unknown source attacked it.


The sprite was rescued by the intrepid pirate adventurers, and many, many forked rocks from Crypt3ch. Twitch places a Watchdog mark on the Courier Sprite. They corner the Sprite and arrange a trade for some data that Crypt3ch had for the data it was carrying. The Sprite agrees, and the players, using the Watchdog mark Twitch had planted, follow it back to The FisherKing hiding in an abandoned part of the Dissonance Realm Human Misery, who was grateful for the rescue of their pet sprite. They say it was not the first time some of the data their pet sprite was carrying from it, and then asks:

"Hey, do you guys know about something called Neo-Haven?"

The runners do not give them a complete answer, and they give them their contact information if they had something for buy (or sale) datawise.

Game Quotes


Crypt3ch: Choice of: 13 karma OR 10 karma and The FisherKing as a 3/1 contact.

Twitch: Submersion discount. Choice of: 12 karma OR 9 karma and the The FisherKing as a 3/1 contact.

Night Claws: Same as Twitch, minus the submersion discount.

Everyone: +2 CDP, plus a file from GM Doc McGuffins concerning the metaplot.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I wosh we'd found that engagement data, but I couldn't let this program slip through my fingers. Thank you to everyone for huge amount of help we had getting this. I wonder what's in that other bit of data Cryp got...