A Thirteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix

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A Thirteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix
LocationTouristville, Redmond
Result Blight use popularized throughout the Barrens
Factions Involved
Toxic Shaman
Casualties and losses
None 1 toxic shaman


In exchange for magic lessons for her awakened allies, the Johnson traded Blight to Mana and promised to teach them how to use it.


The meet took place at the One Star Bar, the worst bar in all of Redmond. The Johnson discussed the details of the job, explaining that the runners simply just needed to teach a class at Mana on how to use Blight effectively. She initially offered 1000 nuyen for the job, but after a bit of negotiation Dolos managed to bring the price up to 3000, as a consideration for the runners' expertise.


The team discussed how best to deliver the lesson, and decided that a practical demonstration would be best. Wishing to avoid hurting innocent spirits, Pandora suggested that it would be most ideal to use the Blight on a dangerous spirit. After some deliberation the team decided the best option would be to target a toxic shaman in Glow City. In preparation, Dolos summoned and bound 2 spirits, and assisted Pandora in the creation of a powerful Thorn preparation (intended to be used in case of emergency). Two days passed as the team recuperated from their use of powerful magics and prepared for their lesson, and when the day came they met Witchblade at Mana, where she gave the class a brief explanation of Blight's effects and intended use. After this, they packed the students into a bus and transported them to Glow City, where Witchblade very quickly found the toxic shaman through the astral plane. Upon arriving, Whichblade destroyed the shaman's mana barrier in order to draw him outside, where he was attack by the rest of the team. There, Kani fired a single Blight round at one of the Shaman's spirits as Pandora landed an Blight arrow in another, simultaneously triggering a vines prep that would bind the shaman and his spirits for the finishing blow: a lightning ball cast by the spirit of man summoned by Dolos.


Blight use was spread throughout the Barrens by an unknown source with an unknown purpose.


3000 nuyen, +3 rep Mana, 5 karma + Mana as a 2/1 group contact OR 10 karma


Kani's AAR:

The kids didn't have much of a chance to practice on the spirits themselves, since it wasn't prudent to let them act for too long. After all, spirits against mages in training has the potential to go very bad, very quickly. The blight rounds were quite effective, though...