A not so qiuet Neighborhood

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A not so quiet Neighborhood

There is a fairly quiet neighborhood in the barrens where everybody knows one another and everybody is helpful. They aren't wealthy in terms of nuyen but in terms of kindness.

It's like a paradise for many people living in the Barrens. But since they are so nice and kind-hearted they are prety much defenseless as well.

A new group of gangers wanted to profile themself and establish this neighborhood as their turf so they could grow in numbers. The inhabitants with no real chance of defending themself begged Knight Errand for help but they refused to show up since the neighborhood is in the Barrens and in their terms the threat isn't high enough to send in a whole team.

With no one to stop them the gangers brought havoc over the neighborhood. They torched cars, destroyed windows, threw trash all over the street and theft at gunpoint. This went on day after day for two weeks.

Then on one day they beat a child unconscious but KE still refused to intervene. With no other possibilities left, rejected by legal security they saw no other choice other then to engage a team of shadowrunners, a group of three individuals took the job. The runners Decoy, Shade and Capitain Freefall as the head of the neighborhood told seemed highly competent and professional. "They were eager to help us and restore our peace once more" he said in a personal inteview. On the very next day the runners got themself into position and awaited the 5 gangers at high noon, as they showed up each day at this time on the road not more then a single car in which one of the runners challenged the gangers to state their buisness. They were obstinate and proceeded to become belligerent even after they got shot once as a warning. In the meantime Capitain Freefall tried to appeal to their common sense to stop the destrutction and do something good. Two of them plucked up courage while the remaining three got even more enraged. As the leader was about to grab his gun he was imidietly shot dead by the third runner laying hidden on top of a building. The two remaining gangers decided it would be good time to run for their lives, but they didn't make it that far. After this short fight the runners cleaned up their mess and peace returned to the neighborhood. The gangers convinced by Capitain Freefall volunteered to help the community to make up for their destruction.

Til next time Chummers keep runnin//BFG out

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