Accidents Happen

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Accidents Happen
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven None


A quick look on the seedier side of what Shadowrunners can be used for. While they are good at dropping bodies, sometimes they must also dispose of them.


Aristasia Twilight, heralded as some as the next Maria Mercurial, was shocked when her lover was killed. Panicked, Aristasia called her Manager Jimmy "Cricket" Marlow, who works for the Single A Corporation Amalgamated Studios. Desperate to keep his cash cow milking, Marlow contacted local Fixers to hire a team to clean up the mess and make this little accident go away.

The Meet

The Team met Mr. Johnson as the Gravity Bar in Downtown, Seattle. He seemed a bit amused to by hiring Shadowrunners and tipped his hat to a few of the clichés. Not knowing the exact ins and outs of this sort of business Mr. Johnson offered more money than the run was worth, but informed the team of their gruesome tasks. Having made a show of eating to throw off any curious onlookers, the group, including Mr. Johnson crossed the street to the Warwick Hotel.

The Plan

To Clean and Scrub every piece of evidence until there is nothing left to link Aristasia Twilight to the dead woman.

The Run

While Themistocles and Donnager got to work on clearing away physical evidence, Oathbane scrubbed the Matrix of evidence of the crime. During the coarse of the clean up, the team discovered that the victim's name was Malia Sato, who was the daughter of a Renraku Seattle Executive. The redoubled their efforts to eradicate any evidence due to the identity of the victim. The entirety of the last 24 hours security footage was erased from the Hotel's Host. Oathbane called her brother for human remains disposal advice and after a quick purchase the remaining evidence was easy to move.

Oathbane found a curious emblem in the footage and linked it to a number of mysterious deaths over three decades, all of which were linked to Renraku. This instance was the first indication that Oathbane could find of this calling card being used outside of mainland Japan.


The runners showed professionalism by agreeing to Mr. Johnson's requirement that all information obtained within the run were confidential. Even when they crossed paths with Renraku Employees during their exfiltration, the team kept their word and did not use the information they had to betray Mr. Johnson. Doggie bags were left near the 162s territory in Redmond as a gift of the Runners.

Oathbane seemed unusually interested in the mysterious emblem left on Dead Reraku Salarimen.


10,000 Nuyen Base

4,000 Nuyen Bonus

3 Karma


Nuyen for this run cannot be used to Work for the People.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"That was... messy. Interesting, though. Mr. J was new and overpaid us a bit, and we managed to dodge some probably unhappy Renraku goons, so I'd call it a good day in the end. Didn't like being in a hotel full of vampires without my big guns, though."


So that run was horror and pain. Cubing someone with monowire, all that screaming all that blood. This was supposed to be my big break, but I'm doing horror that I couldn't in the pits, broken jaws, broken bones, and helping a celebrity princess get away from being framed. Not a second too late either as the Renraku guys came looking for our unlucky fangirl, and their ex-red Samurai boss wouldn't have hesitated to cube *us*. They met an immaculate bleached bedroom with new sheets, as a housekeeper walked out the back with their cubed targett. At least I met a beautiful dryad.


This was the first time I did something like this and I thought it was going to end pretty badly if we were caught and knowing fact who we were going up against it was terrifying… once more there was also that floor that had the strange eerie feeling and people told us not to go there. kind of like some parts back home… it was a necessary business even if it was bloody but I'm not that type to watch that type of gory effect. plus so like me looking like a maid walking around and doing a bit of house cleaning it's always easy plus