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Ex-Military Adept
The Eternal Warrior.
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MetatypeElf Male
Street Cred3
Public Awareness0
Comments on Shadowgrid Profile"I should get someone to run a psyche eval on him, too many inconsistencies." ~ Sysop

Out of Character Information


Ex-Special Forces Adept. Extreme Burnout. Versatile Generalist.


Actaeon is a follower of the Path of Wheel, and a follower of the Path of The Warrior. He was born in Tir Na Nog and trained since early on in his life. Before the shadows, he was known as Alexander Ó'Conaill, a young member of relatively middling birth in Tir Na Nog. Upon reaching 6 years of age, he was taken to the Dannan house of O'Donnel. Upon coming of age, Alexander went off to find his own life, as it were, away from Tir Na Nog and his families. A meandering path in life soon found him working his way in Tir Tairngire, where he excelled in most of the 'basic' training that he was put up for in the military boot camp. Soon he was a full-fledged member of the army/police force of Tir Tairngire, and a few years later, the warrior found himself within the Tir Ghosts, enjoying the honor and prestige that came with. A fateful day in an operation involving an unknown quantity of a circle of mages using malicious spirits, the operation went south. Alexander's entire team was killed or horribly maimed, and he was barely alive at the end of it. Despite the failure and the losses, he wanted revenge and justice. Going off in a manner akin to a loose cannon, he followed every lead and tried his hardest to get to the mages in question. It would seem that such a course of action soon found him being dishonorably discharged for slacking in his duties in favor of seeking personal revenge. He had his doubts about that judgment. It was too convenient for the dark mages, and he suspected foul play, but he was powerless to stop it. Without assets, and his investigations notes taken by the proper channels, Alexander found himself with little recourse...and so he went off to meet with a representative of the Laesá. Not remembering the meeting, he soon found himself working alongside the Ancients. A year and a half of service alongside the gang of exiles saw him burning his original SIN and taking up a position in their circles as something of an assassin and vigilante. He has since developed an understanding of the shadows, and most importantly, he now has the freedom to pursue his revenge.

Character motivations & Goals

  • Revenge against the circle of mages from his past.
  • Personal prosperity.
  • To grow stronger as a warrior, and to do battle with the best this world has to offer.

Narrative Significant Qualties

Seeker Of Perfection (Strive For Perfection + Sharpshooter + Consummate Professional)

Made Man(Ancients)

Bearer of Burdens (Big Regret(Lost Team) + Vendetta(Dark Mage))

More Than A Mere Man (Distinctive Style + Superhuman Psychosis)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
This is the safest way to go nobody gets hurtDrBurst11 June 2078


ShadowHaven Reputation: 3

Enduring Resistance Reputation: 3


Jaden Aleyso (6/2 Networking/Fixer)

James Hawke (6/1 Personal Favors)

Haze (6/1 Shadow Services)

Stockpile (6/1 Legwork)

Lt Rebeca Montez (5/2 Legwork)

Canvas (6/1 Shadow Services)


Ancients (Made Man)



In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Jarret Miles; National SIN (UCAS)(R4 Fake SIN).


Physical Appearance

6'5 Male Elf. Agile and Athletic build. Keen-eyed, hawkish features.Raven hair with red streaks. Crimson red eyes, with a green accent towards the outer iris. Civilian attire tends to be a black suit and a blood red tie, a wolf motif emblazoned on his favorite breast pocket handkerchief. During combat, he wears a suit of jet-black FBA with a deep purple visor that displays two glowing red streaks along his eyes for intimidation purposes.

Astral Appearance

Same form as normal due to his nature as an adept. There are faint echoes around his aura, indicating his lost essence. His nervous system shows signs of 'ware, as well as his eye.

Matrix Persona

A standard persona, with glowing red eyes.

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