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A cold-blooded former military mage of the Psionic tradition
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.April 15th 2057
Sum to Ten
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Being a young woman with a delicate build, long black hair and pale skin, not many people would look at Aeon and peg her for who she is; a military veteran who served two tours in the Desert Wars for a Megacorporation.

Her appearance belies the truth, however; Aeon is a powerful Magician, and she can hold her own with an automatic weapon as well as most infantrymen.


  • Earn enough nuyen to retire to a permanent High lifestyle.
  • Create or fund a school or academic program in the Seattle area for Awakened members of the Psionic tradition.
  • Initiate into the arts of Psychometry, Centering & Divination.
  • Find and eliminate the three individuals on her personal hit-list; each of whom are Ares military officers whom participated in the 2079 season of Desert Wars: Sahara. Aeon knows only a few details about them, other than what they look like and that they are active in the Seattle metroplex area.
    • One is a military adviser to the Metroplex Guard.
    • Another works full-time as a Knight Errant HTR officer in the Seattle police force, and serves as a reserve member of the Ares megacorporate military.
    • The last has recently been tapped to fill the depleted ranks of Ares Firewatch, following the mass exodus of Firewatch personnel after Project Pyro.


Brianna Rose was born in the Seattle sprawl to mixed UCAS-Salish parents. She had an uneventful Tacoma childhood until early adolescence, when she discovered she was Awakened; suddenly, her family were beset almost every waking moment by commcalls and emails advocating for magical scholarships and tutoring programs. Since the Rose family were not particularly wealthy, and were hesitant to commit their child to any kind of corporate career at such a young age, Brianna was not immediately enrolled in any academic programs for Awakened children. Instead, she browsed online Matrix programs, learning small bits and pieces about various traditions, until she stumbled across a number of talk shows and podcasts featuring proponents of the Psionic tradition, some of whom offered free introductory lessons and primers for the newly Awakened. Brianna was captivated by the attempts to strip away old world superstitions and mysticism from 'magic', and devoured all she could on the subject. When the time came for her to graduate high school and attend university, she accepted a scholarship from Shiawase that allowed her to travel to France (the country with the largest concentration of Psionic Awakened in the world) to study at the University of Paris.

After graduating U-Paris, Brianna joined the Shiawase subsidiary Desert Storm Security, and took part in the Desert Wars competition. Some of her primary duties included hunting down and disrupting enemy spirits, working as a spotter for ritual spells and supporting units on the ground by defending them from hostile magic. She distinguished herself well, and volunteered for a second deployment. Her repeat tour however, took a much darker turn. She lost several friends in the 'non-lethal' opening phase of the season, which lit a fire underneath her to detsroy her competitors by any means necessary. Towards the end of the Desert Challenge Brianna deviated from her mission orders to go hunting a handful of Ares officers whom had been responsible for killing her friends.

The incident caused a massive scandal. While accidental deaths were an unavoidable by-product of the competition, Brianna's actions were by contrast obviously deliberate. She was charged with several cases of murder, and was on the brink of being sentenced to imprisonment when it came to light that the Ares officers in question had recorded videos and commcalls to each other prior to the season's start discussing how they planned to kill off some of their competitors, and how easily they could get away with it. The calls and videos painted a picture of a group of sociopathic killers, looking to take advantage of the chaos to indulge their own bloodlust. The Desert Wars commission, wanting to bury the scandal as fast and as quietly as possible, released everyone involved and scrubbed all of the evidence and video in an attempt to sweep it all under the rug. Brianna wasn't charged with murder and never served time in prison, but for her disobedience she was dishonourably discharged and had her Corporate SIN replaced with a Criminal SIN.

After managing to return home to Seattle, Brianna struggled to find legitimate employment. She eventually turned to odd jobs serving as a small time troubleshooter on the streets. Each job was followed by a bigger job, and she soon found herself working as a Shadowrunner for a professional Fixer, who was even able to have her SIN expunged. Eventually, he put in a good word for her, and one day she woke up to find she'd been granted access to the ShadowHaven Host.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Magician: Aeon is a mage (though she dislikes the term) of the Psionic tradition. To her, everything people consider to be magical in nature, is merely the product of powerful, evolved minds.


  • Driven: During her second DW Tour, several of Aeon's friends were deliberately killed in the supposedly non-lethal first phase of the Desert Challenge. The killers were a group of seven Ares Military Officers, four of whom Aeon herself assassinated during the latter half of the Desert Challenge before being caught and released from corporate service. The remaining three were quietly sent home to Seattle after evidence was discovered (and promptly buried to avoid a public scandal) that the group had been deliberately murdering their opposition in a private contest amongst themselves. Although she does not know their names (which is generally kept from Desert War personnel in order to prevent competitors from later tracking each other down), Aeon would recognise the three survivors on her hit-list both by sight and aura.
  • Dry Addict: During the course of her two tours in the Desert Wars, Aeon was on several occasions outfitted with narcotics designed to enhance her performance in combat. The most frequent substances she used were Kamikaze and Psyche, and despite strict regulations governing dosage and frequency of use she found herself struggling with an addiction to them. In the past several months Aeon has been living clean without using any narcotic substances, but she's always conscious of the fact that if she isn't careful, she could relapse.
  • Records On File (Shiawase): As a former citizen, and member of a Shiawase subsidiary, the megacorp still possesses accurate information on her, even though her SIN has now been deleted.
  • Spirit Bane (Fire Spirits): Aeon has disrupted no small number of Fire spirits in her time, both as a megacorp soldier and a street mage. Fire spirits can read this history in her aura, and won't hesitate to attack her when they come into close contact with her.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Haruki Uchida 5 1 Fixer Fixer Cyberware, Bioware, Fake SINs, Infobroker Contacts, Armor Accessories, Shiawase Brand Equipment Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Latin. noun. A term originally meaning 'Life', 'Vital Force' or 'Being'. In modern times the word is more usually used to refer to a long indefinite period of time.
3 hits A radio callsign or appointment used by a member of Desert Storm Security during the 2079 season of the Desert Wars competition. That same member was later involved in the rumored murder of several Ares competitors.
4+ hits A leaked report towards the end of 2080 from a Knight Errant Task Force showed an incomplete list of known Seattle Shadowrunners who are suspected of acting repeatedly against Ares' corporate interests. Aeon's name was among them.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit A new shadowrunner operating in Seattle.
2 hits Female Awakened runner normally seen carrying an automatic weapon. Claims not to be a magician, but appears to be able to cast spells.
3 hits A magician of the Psionic tradition. Seems to possess former corporate security or military experience.
4+ hits Aeon is almost certainly an alias of CPL Brianna Rose, Desert Storm Security, Shiawase Armed Forces; a two-time veteran of the Desert Wars conflict. She was involved in an incident in which several Shiawase and Ares citizens were killed during the regular season, most of the Ares personnel at her hand.


  • Alisha Meyer (UCAS - R4)
    • Bounty Hunter's Licence
    • Driver's Licence
    • Firearms's Licence
    • Mage Licence



Due to old habits obtained from operating in the Saharan desert, Aeon generally wears clothing that covers the majority of her skin, whether that takes the form of full-body jumpsuits or simply clothing with long sleeves and/or gloves. She will usually wear an armored jacket if she is working over the top of her base clothing.

Most notably, she never goes outdoors without also wearing a cloak modified to provide chemical protection from contact based vectors, such as acid rain from pollution. The cloak is one of her more self-indulgent possessions, being a designer piece from a Vashon Island fashion line.

Astral Appearance

In the astral, Aeon looks remarkably similar to her physical self. The primary difference is that her form features glowing purple eyes and radiates a fainter violet aura. Her long black hair almost floats, as if she were underwater.

Matrix Persona

Aeon's matrix persona has a slightly distinct physical appearance from her real self (since she's not especially comfortable with the idea of allowing people she doesn't know online see exactly what she looks like in the flesh), and wears a set of green camouflage fatigues of the kind currently worn by the UCAS army. Her marks resemble a targeting reticle.

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