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Martial Artist with some guns
(Have you ever experienced Airtime™)
MetatypeSURGE'd Orc
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.July 4st 1961
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Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic - B
Skills - E
Resources - D

Character Information


Turns out, when you grow up in the squalor of Atzlan, you do one of three things. You play football, you become a bit fighter, or you die. Of course the last two options are generally mutually inclusive. In the case of a young orc woman by the name of Nina García she found out at a very young age that the pits were more of a home for her than the rundown shanty she had been born in.


Win the PABL Heavyweight Title. Convince The_Hurricane to put on some weight so she can actually fight him in a match.


Born into the dregs of Aztlan society Nina was different from all the other kids. She was just a little off. Her hair was colored funny, her arms were a little long. And as a child her skin looked just a bit too wrinkly. She grew into this however and turned to an activity common in Aztlan to feed herself and keep at least something over her head. Pit fighting. Traditionally this would have been her life until they day that her blood was spilt on the sands. That would be her story. But Jesus found her. A vetran of the pits himself, Jesus Gonzales saw the potential in the angry orc and took her under his wing, acting as a coach, a mentor, and a promoter. After they had managed to make enough winnings to leave Aztlan Jesus did so, taking Nina, now commonly called Airtime, to the Seattle metroplex and got her signed up at the absolute rookie level of the PABL (Pro Awakened Boxing League). There she smashed fight after fight until she was advanced to the intermediate level of match making and this is where she stands now.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Superhuman Psychosis, SURGE III, Day Job (40 hrs): Professional Fighter.

Run History





United Canadian American States Professional Adept Boxing League (UCAS:PABL)


The Hurricane


The Hurricane (Its more of a rivalry really)

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

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Amelia Torres (R2) with an Adept License (R2) and a Restricted Cyberware License (R2).


Nina is a big Orc. Not just tall, but heavily muscled too. Her skin at a distance looks normal but when you get closer it is clearly thicker than normal. Those not familiar with the homo sapiens robustus metatype might pass this off as the nature of Orcs but Nina is clearly a step above being 'thick skinned'. Her hair is a natural dark violet though most assume this is due to dyes. It is long and naturally wavy, hanging down to her lower back. Close inspection will show the faint scaring left from bane lacing surgery that was done when she was fighting in Aztlan.


She commonly wears comfortable, cheap, work out clothing but does own a sturdy armored jacket as well as an armored vest. Whenever she goes outside, she always bundles up.

Matrix Persona

Relatively low resolution scan of herself. Usually accompanied by laggy bandwidth.

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