Among The Stars

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Among The Stars
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Saeder-Krupp
S-K Foundation


Ace Powers hires three matrix specialists to retrieve some data for him so he can blackmail an S-K actor into working for Horizon before SpinGlobal can. As they dive into the foundation to get the data, they experience what it's like to be several different alien species from a niche board game from 2017 (SIdereal Confluence).


Bastion Neuhauser, the actor in question, used to be an ecoterrorist and was involved in blowing up part of an oil pipeline. The UCAS government wants him for questioning at this point, so he's living under an assumed name. Ace Powers knows S-K has the details on this, and wants to get it (and them not to have it), so he hires three matrix specialists to retrieve it for him for blackmail purposes.

The Meet

Ace Powers has Ca1yps0, Vip3r, and Cricket meet him in his office in Downtown (which isn't wheelchair accessible). After some negotiation, they settle on a price of 30k nuyen each to go into the Foundation and get this data. It really helped that Ace didn't know what this entailed or have any idea what he's talking about in regards to the matrix.

The Plan

The three runners meet up in a matrix bar and start doing data searches on the host in question and on Bastion. They find reference to one person who has been in that Foundation, a Dorange Pilver. Ca1yps0 contacts him and after he searches her, agrees to let them use his anchor into the Foundation. He also provides a map and some basic details. Vip3r's knowledge of board games comes in very handy and allows the team to study the aliens in the game the foundation is based on, Sidereal Confluence. They also contact Cecelia Cross and arrange to let them use her supervillain lair in exchange for some data on some technomancers who worked for S-K.

The Run

The team meets up with Dorange Pilver in cyberspace (turns out he's a Hestaby fan: his persona is an orange and silver drake), and he takes them into a low-rating host's foundation to use the anchor into the rating 8 S-K host foundation.

While here, the runners appear as different aliens and have to conform to their world-views to progress. They appear at the Portal (Kjasjavikalimm), then proceed to the Archive (Faderan) (where they acquire their data for their clients), Null (Zeth), Master (Caylion), Scaffolding (Imdril), Security (Eni Et), Slave (Kt'Zr'Kt'Rdl), and finally make their way back to the Portal. At the Portal they're attacked by a SpinGlobal decker, though the technomancers use puppeteer to force him to break paradigm by shouting how much he loved the last episode of "My Parents Are Shadowrunners". During the chaos caused, they manage to escape and force the other decker to escape as well.


Cecilia Cross gets more data on two specific dissonant technomancers, and Ace Powers gets the data he needed to blackmail that actor. Everyone wins?


  • 30k nuyen or double that of Drones/Electronics/Geneware/Bioware - 15 RVP
  • RoF: Horizon if you took the 'ware
  • 1 karma - 1 RVP
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Frag. I really, really dislike working for Horizon. Especially Ace, dude gives me the creeps. Blackmailing the actor was real crummy, but he was already being blackmailed and as much as I wanted to I wasn't exactly in a position to give him the incriminating data without screwing over both myself and the rest of the team. Frag, it's not great though - maybe I can get it from Ace and give the poor guy a way out. I don't know. We'll see if the chance to do so presents itself.