An Unhealthy Obsession

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An Unhealthy Obsession
Factions Involved
El Ellie
Yakuza Goons
Casualties and losses
Crab spent next 20 hours under heavy hallucinations, Kobl got beaten up pretty badly and Des suffered heafty drain 5 dogs, 3 drones, 5 Yakuza were killed


The team was hired to rescue a group of Idols from HBI 48, they fought Yakuza and won but were a bit worse for wear.


A group of greasy fans kidnapped some of Ellie's idol coworkers to protect them.

The Meet

Taking place in the Daze, despite Johnson being inexperienced he managed to not be swayed into paying the runners more.

The Plan


The Run

When they arrived to the warehouse where Idols were being kept, the team discussed best form of action. Crab stuck Kobl into the bag and suck around the building while Des and Ellie used their magic to scout inside. Ellie walked inside and was able to convince the awestruck fans into releasing her friends, around the same time a van pulled up with Yakuza, drones and hounds ready for combat. The drones swarm immediately went towards Ellie and tried to to gun her down, Crab was engaged by hounds and Yakuza,and Kobl ambushed Yakuza from the bushes. Meanwhile Des was making his way slowly into the fray. Crab wounded the hounds and Des killed them all with a single comet, almost killing himself in the process. Kobl shot a few Yakuza but she was shot in the back while trying to box with one. While getting shot by the drones Ellie commanded her foes to drop their weapons. Crab inhaled more drugs, slapped himself with a slap patch, then destroyed several drones and killed 2 more Yaks. Only one was left alive and got subdued.


Crab was heavily hallucinating, Kobl was semi-conscious thanks to a Slap patch and Des was almost dead due to drain, but the job was complete and they were paid in full.


  • 18.000 Nuyen
  • 7 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Why does everyone engage when I'm at the other side of fragging building? I cant run that fast anymore... Also casting that big of spells...Yeah it kinda hurts. But in another hand we saved few Idols, our weeb compatriots will be most joyful. Now I think I will be playing bit of bingo untill my brain stops being slag. Kinda also feel bad for Crab tho... He is spent a good part of the day in hallucinations...