Anarchy For Sale

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Anarchy For Sale
LocationCul-de-sac, Touristville
Factions Involved
Roadkill (Inactive)
Knight Errant


A gang-esque group hires four runners to shut down KE raids on a cul-de-sac in Touristville. In doing so, the team commits an act of domestic terrorism and creates a permanent BGC.


Ares, working through Knight Errant, wants to expand its control of Redmond from Touristville. To do this, they want to drive out certain 'undesirable' elements with raids.

The Meet

Meeting in an abandoned warehouse in Redmond, the team meets with an Orkish Johnson and a couple of toughs. When they hear what the job is, Ikari and Roadkill refuse payment, but Baron secures a discount on certain goods that the mysterious group can provide. Ultimately Baron and Troika will be paid ¥10,000 each and Roadkill and Ikari will be paid nothing.

The Plan

Ikari's fixer, Chloe Green, hooks them up with the contact of Brainchild, who can help get their hands on the KE schedule for this action for a price. Ikari offers Brainchild lessons on dialectical materialism and sociology, and the AI agrees to snag it for them. Armed with the knowledge that the raids will involve two vehicles of KE officers the very next night, the team gets to work. Ikari secures a skateboard, while Troika creates a shaped charge with powerful foam explosives. Taping the charge to the skateboard, the plan is to animate the skateboard and use it as an improvised car bomb, destroying as much KE property as possible in one fell swoop.

The Run

The team hunkers down in both a constructed bivouac and magical concealment from Ikari's spirit. As the Roadmasters drive up, Ikari sends the skateboard with the angled charge on it under the first Roadmaster, completely eliminating it and heavily damaging the other.

After a swift battle that included Ikari completely unmaking their own spirit, Troika sniping two goons, and Baron using Chaotic World to completely discombobulate the cops, the team was left with one officer slowly hobbling away and two smoking wrecks. After leaving a little graffiti and taking trophies, the team leaves.


The mysterious J is happy with, if somewhat perturbed, by the team's performance, and pays them posthaste at the debriefing meet the day after.


¥10,000, 5 Karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oh, what a fantastic run! We meet this not-quite-proper gang and they hire us to geek KE that have been tormenting the locals. We being the good heroes accept the job, so Ikari calls their fixer freund that provide us with the nessessary information on where the next raid will take place. Luckily we had Troika with us because they had zwei roadmasters. She crafted the explosives but instead laying it as a mine we duct taped it to a skate board (alternative was to a Kamikazi Spirit). Next thing Ikari does is animating the skateboard so it goes under the truck and explodes, and we do just that to the first one, second one just gets bit damaged but his fate was far worse. It ended up sharing a space with a spirit then a toxic cloud...They did not have a good time.


Такая разница, что такое простое устройство может сделать. Мне плохо за свидетеля. Но только немного.

А эсли бы был только одна свидетель, наш результат более эффективен. Так и иначе, молодец!

Булет долго, прежде чем Найт Эрран забывают урок.


(Я что-то взорвал. Это всё, что мне нужно в моей жизни.)

The difference such a simple device can make. Though, I feel a little bad for the one survivor.

But having just the one witness makes that message much more powerful. Either way, mission accomplished!

It will be a long while before Knight Errant forgets their lesson.


(I blew something up. That's all I need.)