Animal Availability

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The price of a pelt alone is half the cost of the critter. Availability is unchanged.

Animal Availability Cost Type Maintenance costs (lifestyle)
Boar 10 400¥ Common Mundane High
Cat, Domesticated - 50¥ Common Mundane Street
Crow - 200¥ Common Mundane Street
Dog - 75¥ Common Mundane Low
Eagle 12F 7,500¥ Common Mundane High
Ferret - 250¥ Common Mundane Medium
Goldfish - Common Mundane Street
Horse 4 2,000¥ Common Mundane Luxury
Snake (non-venomous) - 100¥ Common Mundane Low
Snake (Venomous) 4R 1,000¥ Mundane Medium
Alligator 6R 300¥ Mundane Medium
Chimpanzee 12R 20,000¥ Mundane Luxury
Bear 16F 9,000¥ Exotic Mundane Luxury
Cat, Great 12R 5,000¥ Exotic Mundane High
Elephant 12F 55,000¥ Exotic Mundane Luxury
Sea Lion 12R 6,000¥ Exotic Mundane Luxury
Wolf 12R 1,000¥ Exotic Mundane Medium
Abrams Lobster 14F 7,000¥ Paracritter High
Agropelter 12F 5,000¥ Paracritter High
Bandit 8R 2,000¥ Paracritter Low
Barghest 15F 11,000¥ Paracritter High
Basilisk 12R 40,000¥ Paracritter Medium
Blood Monkey 16F 10,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Cerberus Hound 20F 80,000¥ Paracritter High
Cockatrice 10R 3,500¥ Paracritter High
Death Rattle 14F 22,000¥ Paracritter High
Deathspiral Butterfly 8F 500¥ Paracritter Low
Demon Rat (Alpha) 22F 30,000¥ Paracritter High
Devil Rat 6R 300¥ Paracritter Street
Fenrir Wolf 18F 14,000¥ Paracritter Medium
Gabriel Hound 8R 2,000¥ Paracritter Low
Gomatia 8 5,000¥ Paracritter Medium
Hellhound 12R 10,000¥ Paracritter High
Horned Bear 18F 50,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Martichoras 16F 40,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Ozian Baboon 13R 65,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Phoenician Bird 12R 40,000¥ Paracritter High
Pegasus 12F 5,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Peryton 10R 45,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Piasma 18F 80,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Roc, Lesser 9R 11,500¥ Paracritter High
Saber-Tooth Cat 18R 25,000¥ Paracritter High
Shadow Hound 8R 3,000¥ Paracritter High
Snow Snake 6R 2,500¥ Paracritter Medium
Unicorn 12R 8,000¥ Paracritter Luxury
Volleying Porcupine 8R 1,000¥ Paracritter High
Wolverine, Greater 18F 46,000¥ Paracritter High
Gargoyle 16F 80,000¥ Paracritter High