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Ivorden Kral
Token 2 (2).png
Troll (Minatour)
nameAsherzen [1]
MetatypeTroll (Minatour)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.October 10th 20XX
Priority(Sum to 10)
Metatype - A
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


An extremely large Troll with the metatype variant minatour. Aimed to be able to both soak damage and deal deadly damage in close range. Specializes in Unarmed combat with Cyber implanted weapons.


Start himself a new life.


Ivorden Kral also known as Anthem was born in Ankara,Turkey right at the end of the 2050s, to a family of 5 brothers. Because of the extremely rough living conditions, by the time he reached the age of 7 only 3 of his brothers remained with the other 2 dying of disease and hunger. With no parents, no money and no connections the remaining 3 brothers had no other choice but to be the errand boys of the Maffya for 5 years. During those 5 years they lost another brother leaving only 2 brothers left. During a normal errand run Ivorden's brother approached him with the knowledge that Tunus Acer, a big time maffya boss, was recruiting younger children to be trained as his personal bodyguards. Never letting such an opportunity go to waste, the two brothers decided to see if they could earn such a position. When they arrived at the meeting point of the applications of the maffya boss, everything changed for the two brothers.

The maffya bosses offer was simple. Only 3 would survive, and those 3 would be taken in for bodyguard training. Eventually Ivorden, his brother and another child survived, but the boss changed his mind. He thought that 3 people to guard him was redundant so he ordered for only one to survive. Because of his size and strength his brother and the other child, a shapeshifter joined forces temporarily to kill him. Ivorden, unable to kill his brother, damaged his right arm in this conflict to him. Enraged he gorged his bother through the heart with his horns. after this event his rage did not subside, and as he viciously murdered the shapeshifter that joined forces with his brother to kill him, the maffya boss watched in approval.

After this event in his life, Ivorden continues to work for the Maffya, eventually raising enough in the ranks that he was seen as a valuable asset. This brought him opportunities, like access to cyber-ware that one usually couldn't find so easily. He replaced his right arm completely with cybernetics to remove his most obvious weakness.

Eventually, he was asked something he could not do and had to run, leaving behind everything to find a new life.

After having his reputation ruined by a shapeshifter, he had to leave his home back in Izmir. Running away from both the eastern and western parts of Turkey, he now is in a completely new place,Shadowhaven. Now hes here living out of his rather big car, rebuilding his life from almost scratch trough running the shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History


Left the Turkish Maffya, they did not pursue him but they did state that should they see him again it would be as enemies.


  • Madame Butterfly - Connection 4, Loyalty 3 - Fixer(Support)







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  • James Dares (Rating 4) - Bouncer



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