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Enchanter Cyborg
(Short Blurb)
TraditionShinto (Will + Cha)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Personal LifeMarried to Asuna Inoue
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Character SheetPDF and Chum5
Resources - A
Attributes - B
Magic - C
Metatype - D
Skills - E

Character Information


Enchanter with cyborg limbs and other upgrades ... Van Stabb Mann


To grow stronger, prove he is worthy of the Inoue name and determine who tried to kill him when he worked for MCT.


Orphaned after his mother died on a shadowrun mission, Van Stabb eventually found his way into the Inoue enclave as a kid, where he met Asuna, who almost immediately fell in love with him. She secretly hid and cared for him until her father eventually found out. However, he couldn't bring himself to throw Van out and allowed him to squat in the family Shinto Shrine. Van grew up as part of the Inoue household and learned the ways of the Shinto Enchanter, proving himself even more capable than Asuna.

Asuna's father, Yuske, is a very traditional Japanese man who doesn't like gaijin, but even he could not deny his daughter's request to marry Van when they came of age. Asuna and Van now have a beautiful 2 year old Elven daughter called Raven-chan.

Van's great Enchanter abilities, with Yuske's patronage got him employment at MCT where he worked deligently and saved a lot of money. A jealous coworker (his unknown enemy) arranged for Van to be trapped in a burning room, where his dominant arm and legs were badly damaged, but his screams drew attention and he was saved before death.

Van is a determined man who loves his wife so it did not take long to accept Asuna's suggestion for 'reconstructive' surgery. She sought out the best Street Doc in Everett - Dr Henry Wallace who installed Van's cyberlimbs, though it cost Van almost every Nuyen he had saved (since Van also wanted combat enhancing upgrades). Van is determined to become stronger from this experience, and thanks to the cyberware he literally has.

Due to the installed 'Ware, Van's magical abilities have been greatly reduced, though not as much as expected - it seems Van is more compatible with cyber replacements than the average person. Fortunately, he had made and bonded to a small Force 2 power foci prayer bead necklace; he made it with Asuna before joining MCT.

Given the fact the person who caused his 'accident' has suffered no negative consequences means that Van does not wish to return to being an MCT wageslave. The fact he needs money to support his wife and child has driven him to the shadows, but Asuna will not abandon her husband and has taken on the role of his fixer. Van rigorously conducted combat training for months with a knife, and has learned to use his new found strength and agility. He has decided to go by the shadowname: Antidrek.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Enchanter, Limited Corp SIN (Mitsuhama Computer Technologies)

Run History

None, yet.




Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (Limited corporate SIN)



An unknown MCT wage Slave in their Everett Facility - he sneakily trapped Antidrek in a burning room and left him to die, and has not been held accountable for this ... yet.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Matrix Search Information
0 Antidreak, doesn't that mean the opposite of drek?
1 New Shadowrunner.
3 Awakened Elf who seems to have some ties to Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
6 Real name Van Stabb-Inoue, former wageslave of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, husband of Asuna Inoue and an Enchanter.

Shadow Community Table


Limited Corporate: MCT

Fake rating 1: John Brown



Antidrek tries to wear the most generic clothing possible, to minimise the effect of his Kawaiiness. He lives a low lifestyle, but keeps himself clean and as non-distinct as possible ... given he practically is kawaii incarnate.

Matrix Persona

His matrix persona looks like a smooth dark blue artist model.

Media Mentions

None ... yet

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