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Transhumanist decker
Better, Faster, Smarter
RedditScranton Anchor
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Sum to TenMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


Apex is a decker that instead of following the traditional route of burning your nuyens to buy yourself a nice deck, and maybe some augments to help you pilot it, did the exact opposite. Sporting all sorts of mind alterating pieces of ware, all aspects of their mind have been enhanced, from memory, to pattern recognition, to mathematical skills to ability to process drugs. The drawback of turning your brain into an overclocked mess is paid in the way of a crippling paranoia, being a bit too attached to their drugs, and some social skills being somewhat lacking.


On a short term

  • Upgrade the hardware (getting an EVO Sublime or better cyberdeck, a better agent and possibly some drones to not have to be in the frontline)

On a long term

  • Investing more time in their side interests (learning new languages, enjoying good music and possibily get into a Prime Datahave)
  • Establish themself as the most capable hacker in the shadows of Seattle (this isn't out of pride or need for validation, but rather as a sheer deterrent for others that may want to fuck with them)
  • Getting enough nuyens to be able to live a luxurious lifestyle and decking as a hobby rather then something they need to survive
  • Building up a network of professionals to eventually move onto legal businesses, especially in the field of genemodding
  • Proceed deeper and deeper into transhumanist territory, putting their mind to its absolute highest potential, and acquire immortality (be it with leonization, HMHVV or some other methods they aren't aware of right now)


Kai's early life is basically uneventful as it gets. Born in a loving family of AA wageslaves (and UCAS SINners) that sadly never got to enjoy much quality time with their only child, got raised more by trids then their parents, the most boring, Sixth world family ever. The first spark of oddity was around the child's 6th birthday, when they got their very first commlink, a Sony Angel. It was an instant crush. Spending days trying to push new buttons, do new things, in general pushing the boundaries of that tech further and further.

Seeing the passion in their children the family decided to do some overtime shift and save up that extra cash, to make sure that maybe, just maybe, with those funds going into paying for a better school, Kai could live a life better then theirs. Their only child took this blessing very seriously, and studied hard, REALLY hard, to make it into EVO's young prodigy program. Basically, the AAA corp periodically scoops up potentially talented hackers from technical schools, promises them a future in the company, and gets a stream of high performing idiots who accept to get paid well below the rates they deserve cause they are still blinded by the hope of moving up the ranks. Usual corp drek. Kai managed to get inside, and while outside they were the most talented kid on the block, here they were just one of the many. The competition was fierce, but Kai was terrorized by failure, so they kept putting more and more effort in what they did.

2 years in, it came the realisation that a regular meatbrain, no matter how talented, could only get you so far, and thus Kai started using (and abusing) nootropic substances, soon finding out about psyche. That edge right there, THAT was what it was missing. With this newfound brain juice, the competition with the fellow interns stopped looking like a bloody free for all, and more like a managaeble fight for the spotlight with the other 2 or 3 truly talented kids with a surrounding background noise of mediocrity.

After that, years kept passing, but the hope for a truly great work position started to fade. With their family still sustaining them and paying for rent and other necessary expences, Kai was able to get some kickass mods, all with the very specific purpose of pushing their brain further and further, to be the best decker that EVO office ever saw.

And it kinda worked! Kai was, in fact, very good at the job. But with grandeur comes boredom, and that underlying feeling that you are being gravely underestimated. So, they did what all deckers do, and started trying to contact the shadows.

Picking up cyberduels for fun here and there, they realized that wow, those EVO teachers may have been full of drek, but taught how to codesling quite nicely. Those escapes were enough for Kai to assess their position in the Matrix food chain (which would be above most AA spiders but below the upper crust of shadowrunner hackers), and with some estimations, they realized that it could have been enough to get running with a profit aproximately 3 times better then what they were already earning, with margins of improvement.

Seeing with their own eyes how crazy good corps can be at tracking down people, when Kai finally "got extracted" the first urge was to go in places where no one could track them.

This was the start of a new life. Biosculpt into a body they never saw. Acquire guns. Change place often. Make your DNA untraceable, turn to the sleaze game to avoid trouble, have AT LEAST 5 contingency plans ready to go. the only 2 luxuries where only living in places with AC and AR fashion subscriptions and getting a cat (the mother was allergic and they really wanted one for a long time). And now, after all the dust settled, and the old SIN was burned, it is time to show Seattle what this little decker is made of.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly
  • Most of the commercial firewalls are similar in structure, with familiar architectures, and shared flaws that Apex learned to exploit.
  • Through careful data tweaking and general care, Apex is able to squeeze that little more that turns any stock deck in a force to be reckoned with.
Perfect Time
  • When your mind is forced into processing stimuli at several times the speed of what a normal metahuman considers fast, time becomes relative.
Trust Data, Not Lore
  • Relying on your guts to do the thinking may save your life on the streets, but in a world of 1s and 0s it's the cold, hard brain that should do the heavy lifting.


Addiction (Moderate): Psyche
  • Once you take the habit of making your brain perform at such crazy heights, coping with your regular only genius level of IQ is, well, hard.
Basement Dweller
  • Even after cracking thousands of codes, Apex is still puzzled by one: face-to-face metahuman interaction.
  • Apex is the living proof that sometimes, there IS such a thing as overprepared.
Records on File: EVO
  • Turns out that doing an internship for a triple A wasn't a smart move after all.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Bug Out BagDiscoGoblin15 June 2082
At Cross PurposesAurora25 May 2082
UnhospitalizedOnebiThe Crow of Seattle13 May 2082
Stay Very QuietAsmodeus13 May 2082
Throwing ShadeSarcarian12 May 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Haruki Uchida 5 2 Fixer Fixer Cyberware, Bioware, Fake SINs, Infobroker Contacts, Armor Accessories, Shiawase Brand Equipment Even



+2 Laesa +2 Evo


-4 Skraacha

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Everything about Apex is carefully made to be as apersonal as possible, to stand out as little as they can.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Apex, noun: the uppermost point
3 Stories about a perfect nobody who came onto the scene a couple of years ago with a shitty Little Hornet deck and still pulled off some serious stunts.
6 Same as above, with the addition of this nobody often changing name, signatures, decks, habits, pretty much everything, every 4 months or so.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A decker from Seattle
3 A sleaze based human decker from Redmond, Seattle
5 A sleaze based human decker, with some baseline combat capabilities and several genemods, often jumping from place to place, currently active in Redmond, Seattle

Assensing Table

Threshold Description
1 Mundane, their body is doing pretty ok. If assensed while running, then they probably are hyperfocused and in a state of almost crippling anxiety.
2 Cyberears to cut out some noise, a nice implanted deck and a math SPU, all in the head. Now you can see they really are quite the smoker.
3 You can see a nice alpha datajack now, and essencewise it's not like their soul is a blasted hellscape, but it's probably less then what you can see in your regular mages.
4 Not much, but some bioware is present, general biosculpting, eyes and brain, mostly. 3,52 essence and 0 magic (duh).
5 Ohohoh, jackpot! Their DNA is sporting A LOT of mods here and there. Low levels of nanites, mostly localised in the brain. Oh and no technomancy, even if the cyberdeck kinda gave that away already. No major damage healed ever, the worst thing they withstanded was a broken thumb when 6.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Ash Kinney EVO 6 Concealed carry, Cyberdeck, Explosives
Finn Karlsonn Ares 6 Concealed carry, Cyberdeck, Explosives


Apex is a 1,67 m (5'6') human non binary person. After a long and careful biosculpting process, their body appears very lithe and devoid of either evident muscle mass or volumionus curves. Despite their past under the hands of very capable plastic surgeons, everything else about Apex is pretty standard, from their white, almost elven like long hair, to their ice blue eyes to their pale skin.


Everything just SCREAMS ex-corporate, from the go-to run outift composed of a long grey trenchcoat paired with a scarf made out of true wool, denims and boots to the everyday clothing filled with that "sober-and-practical-but-still-elegant" vibe that permeates the wardrobe of every arrogant wageslave-who-thinks-they-are-hot-drek.

Matrix Persona

When not on situations where an odd looking avatar would bring unwanted attentions, Apex's go-to avatar is always changing, to throw off pursuers. Especially, they like to use avatars with cultural implications that are not linked to their upbringing, to make profiling them harder. This month's persona is a samurai, modeled after pop culture depictions of Oda Nobunaga's own armor.

Media Mentions

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