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Primary Role: Decker
Secondary Role: Face/Infiltrator
Pure human Decker
Street Cred4
Public Awareness0
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - B

Out of Character Information

Currently, I'm trying to go full human with this character and I know it's gonna be hard but I hope any GM out there will enjoy the character.

I also did not know how in-depth I should go with the character background so I tried to keep it short without names of stuff in it. If anyone thinks I should put the names of stuff in it let me know I'll add it back.

I'm thinking maybe for drama it would be a big thing for him to get any cyberware or Bioware later on. I can only image how awesome it will be once the character gets his first data jack.


Pure human decker no augmentations, magic or drugs. He's a human born to two elves who worked for Yamatetsu as high-level genetic researchers. When they were taken to Yomi island for being elves in Japan they got their childs godfather who is a shadowrunner in Seattle to get their child out. The runner named Villi rised alexander himself and got him most of his skills. Alex feels a deep driven need to get his family out of Yomi island. Now he's gone into the shadows with his decking skills to help him get the resources and connections he needs to get his family out.


Alexander is the firstborn son of two elves. His Parents worked as high-level genetic researchers for the Yamatetsu corporation. When his parents became pregnant with him they were overjoyed and did everything they could to confirm their child was healthy. To their surprise, rather than an elf like them, he was born human. From that moment, the used their skills to find out why he was born human. Unsure of whether Alexander would stay human, and wanting him to fit in, they dressed him as an elf as a baby. Despite some breakthroughs, they were unable to complete their research before they were scooped up by Japanese Imperial State. JIS imprisoned his parents both for being elves at Yomi island. Fearing for their son’s life, especially if their captors realized he was a human born to a pair of elves, they contacted an old friend and runner to exfiltrate Alexander. Villi, the shadowrunner, did not keep them waiting. A small team of runners quickly infiltrated Yomi island and started a prison riot. Using the distraction, Villi and his team nearly rescued the whole family. Sadly, at the last minute JIS spotted the escape attempt and Alexander’s parents stayed behind to buy precious moments for their son to escape.

Taking the baby Villi and his team fled the island as the Japanese imperial machines took the prison under control. He fled back to Seattle with the baby in his arms. With no one else to raise the child Villi became Alexander’s defacto godfather. Despite being a runner, he did what he could to raise Alexander right and teach him how to live as a decent man on the streets of Seattle. It wasn’t long before the boy showed great aptitude for computers and soon enough he was breaking into hosts for fun. This skill both earned him cred on the street and helped make ends meet at home. It was also a load more fun that slotting public school for the SINless of the sprawl. Villi, knowing his godson’s sharp mind needed training he couldn’t provide matched him up with a decker pal named Override. Unlike Villi (a Japanese elf) Override was an Ork of Native American descent from New York. Despite their differences, or perhaps because of them, Alex grew in leaps and bounds under the Ork’s tutelage. In addition to being pretty hot with a deck, Alexander quickly proved himself a good shot with his godfather’s spare Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR. Villi knowing the boy's mind for tech got his team's decker known as Override.

After learning what he could from Villi, Alexander at the age of 16 tried making it on his own on the streets. Despite his successes, he never shook the feeling of lacking something important. After self reflection, Alex realized it was time for him to find out the truth about his parents. Villi spent years trying to dissuade the boy, telling him it would be best to move on as his parents were at best still imprisoned on Yomi island. Eventually, Villi realized Alex would not be swayed from his course and accepted the simple fact that Alex would not rest until he rescues his parents from Yomi island. In addition to his deck and skills, his time in the shadows earned him a few friends. One of his closest is known as Mary R. Witcher a Fixer who took a liking to Alex after he kept hanging around the bar. What clinched the two being friends was when a local gang, The Mining Crew, took interest in the bar and started harassing Mary and her patrons for protection money. Alex heard about what was going on used his deck to solve the problem. Like everyone else, the gangers each carried a shiny new commlink. It did not take long for Alex to get into their systems and monitor all of their communications. Using what he collected he put together enough evidence to send all the gang members to jail. With the gang dealt with Mary was able to grow into a full fixer for local runners setting up jobs for several interested Johnsons. Using his knowledge of the matrix he got a job as a spider for a small news outfit called shadow eye. He helps them protect their system while they investigate various news stories to bring the truth to Seattle. Alexander got his fox when he found her hurt on the street and has raised her ever since.

Character motivations & Goals

►Archivist is seeking to become the best decker there is.

►Make a name for himself in the shadows

►Find his family

►Get a better cyberdeck

►Date an elf

►Pull off the hack of the century.

Narrative Significant Qualities

►Elf Poser: Due to his parents being elves his parents got him surgery to give him elf ears but thankfully the rest of him looks like an elf. So he's an elf poser without knowing it

►Driven: Archivist is driven to find his family

►Day Job: Archivist works as a spider for a low-rent news company and does research for them sometimes.




  • Mary R. Witcher - Connection 2, Loyalty 4 - Fixer (Shadow Services)
  • Catch 22 - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Digital Services (Swag Nerd)



Mary R. Witcher: She's an elf in her early 30s who runs a bar called the wanderer and took a liking to Alex after he helped her out with a problem she was having. In the last few years, she becomes a fixer in the area and started helping Alex find a few jobs for a cut of the money and other services from him. Mary stands taller than most women you meet at around 6'6 and is well toned from all the work she does around the bar but oddly soft hands still maybe it's an elf thing. What most people first notice about her is an insane bust most people think their fake but quick check in the astral and you quickly figure out she's all natural well other than the sleep regulator she got installed a few years back. Other than that she keeps her body pure elf. She says it helps her adept abilities come through smoother.

Villi: Villi's a runner who taught Archivist what he knows about shadowrunning. He raised Alexander after he saved the boy as a baby from Yomai island when he was trying to extract his friends. So being the boy's godfather Villi took responsibility for him. Guys a ghost when he does not wanna be found he vanishes for days at a time to just reappear just to check up on Alex. He's a bland looking muscular Japanese male. He carries a sword on him and his cyberdeck at almost all times, well at least every time Alex see's him. Most people think he's cold as ice but Alex has been around long enough with him to see he's not really cold just serious because when he's not he worries people around him are gonna die. The only time you really see the guy open up is when he takes him drinking. Once drunk he gets a bit of a smile on his face. From what Alex understands Villi is married to two people it seems. Ones an Ork by the name of Grace, Grace is a sweet woman who just so happens to be into drone combat sports way too much. The other is a quite human who goes by the name Alice. She mostly sits and paints. Her paintings are quite how do I put this haunting. When Villi has the time he hangs out with Alex on the matrix or in person. When it's in person he takes Alex shooting to make sure the boy is keeping his skills sharp.


Daniel Mays: Daniel Mays is Alexanders Next door neighbor. He'a 34-year-old Dwarf who likes to dress in military fatigues, their hair is long and grungy, and they have platform boots. He's Chinese and works musician as his dream work but in reality, he mostly works doing various jobs around the area from being a personal driver one day to working a drone mechanic. He and Alex spend time drinking and watching Urban Brawl. Daniel is a huge fan of Urban brawl and tries to get tickets to it any time he can.


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures


Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


Michael Ledger: Rating 4



Everyday His normal clothing choices tend to lean towards a more dieselpunk/Japanese fusion. He wears a dieselpunk leather jacket, cargo pants, and boots when he's on the job he leans towards wearing suits and ties with a bit of Japanese flair also.He also has his urban explorer jumpsuit that a city grey but thanks to the mods installed it can become any color he needs.

On The Job The suit he wears is what he calls a blood-suit. It's a charcoal black suit with a red shirt and black tie. When it comes time for action he will don his chameleon suit or

Matrix Persona


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Character Information

At Home:

►When Archivist is not working he spends a lot of time in his house out in Snohomish. He got his hands on the house for cheap thanks to his fixer after he helped her out with that local gang. Now he's renting out a 3-floor house (Basement, First and Second Floor). His house has a lot of tech just laying around as he works on stuff. His room has a huge digital library. When he does not go out he spends time with his fox Miyuki. Miyuki has a small area to herself under the steps going up to the second floor. She sits in his lap as he goes on the matrix.

In his basement, he has a hidden wall with most of his gear in it but he as a second one in his room also.


►The Wanderer: Archivist likes to hang out at his fixer/friend bar known as the wanderer. Mary R. Witcher got the bar after her old man went missing and never showed up again. Lonestar declared him dead. You would think Lonestar would have done more for one of their own but nothing. She changed it a bit making it more matrix friend. Something her father forgot to do but it still has its rustic charm. Over the bar sits a custom Winchester Model 2066. Archivist helped her set up all the matrix stuff in her bar and now a small second is set up for matrix users to come get a drink and lounge. The basement of the place has private rooms for meetings that were created back when prohibition was around. Her father kept them up and now she uses them when she is setting up various job. Archivist likes to over in the matrix area of the bar messing around the matrix having a soykaf even when there is perfectly good beer around.

►Broken Boards: This is a pure matrix hang out that Archivist likes to go to in person or the matrix when he has time. The place was set up by a bunch of deckers who bought an abandoned hospital and renovated it turning into a deckers paradise. Various rooms set up for things deckers love doing. Hacking, Building, and Drinking. He's made a few friends their mostly a decker by the name of Bug. Bugs a strange dwarf born with gigantism. Cool guy but believes aliens are invading the world.


►Archivist enjoys listening to various pirate radio stations. One lately has caught his ear The Neo-Anarchist Radio show. When he's not listening to the radio he enjoys reading various books on Japanese and elven history. He also plays the Violin when he has time. He plays for his fox who seems to joy it.

►Archivist other than his infatuation with the tech he's also enamored with guns.

Favorite food:


►Real Chicken



Deep Silence (#10 supernatural espionage movies), 2079

Operation: Atlantis!(Archaeological spy-fi), 2057

Corporate (Office Comedy Series) 2030


Elven Synthwave



Punk Rock



Ork Metal

In Character Information