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Chrome Junky, BTL Designer, Shadowrunner
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So, like, I used to live with my parents, yeah? And I mostly stayed in doors, using their Datahost subscription to do... well, you know. Things. And, like, it was pretty ice, yeah? And then one day, they, like, tell me I gotta go out with them on on of these, family outing things. you know the kind, yeah? She sun is ballsweat blazing, my little brother is screaming about a Frisbee or some shit. I was just spacing out, simrigging it thinking I'll like, make a Dreamchip or some shit called "Goth in Sunlight". And them BOOM. No more punk rock bootsies for me. Oh, and, like, my family died too. Some companies battled it out and then, like, accidental death and dismemberment, I get a pocket full of plastics. Only thing is, I'm, like, really enjoying the feel of new chrome. It feels shiny, yeah? And I, like, can't get enough. Soon enough, I've platted myself out. And then shit hits me. I aint got no body to, like, support the kind of lifestyle I have found myself to enjoy. I had nothing left, no payout, no life insurance, not even anything from the BTL of me getting blown the fuck up. It was pretty dumb to sell that one without, like, a kill-switch trojan to prevent reproductions, so that one's kinda on me. So now, I'm, like, looking to work, something I can do with my, like, chromed out self... that doesn't involve prostitution, obviously. I ain't that kinda girl. So, yeah, that's why I'm, like, a shadowrunner now. Oh, you can call me "Astrid", in front of the authorities. I got, like, one of those fake SINs for that name, yeah. When I run, I use my matrix name. `WLKR... It's pronounced Grave Walker, for those of you who don't, like, speak L33T. Yeah, cuz of the lil' accent. It's called a grave. Fuck.

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  • John Doe - Connection 1, Loyalty 6 - Fixer (Networking)
  • Jane Doe - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Weapons Smuggler (Swag)
  • Template:Contact - Connection 0, Loyalty 0 - Street Doc




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Astrid Reinhardt



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