Aurelia Asimino

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Aurelia Asimino
Magician Witch
Boops! Now healed
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


Aurelia is a Anarchist, self styled transhuman individual who believes strongly in body sculpting and personal freedoms. Eager to over-share about her own changes and exploration, she is always ready to help others with her magic, while running from her debts to the mafia. She appreciates and enjoys the company of others who believe in restrictive violence. Taking a live and let live approach to life, avoiding and scorning those who find violence obsessive.


  • Find, Acquire, or otherwise obtain;

Magical Items, Artifacts, Treasure, Data, or general rarities and oddities.

  • Pay off her mafia Debts



Born in Seattle, Aurelia grew up in Finnigan controlled territory. Her Parents were poor, and she was raised in an area characterized by gang violence. Her father works for the mafia as a low-level accountant. Seeking a way to get into school, she turned to the mafia, demonstrating her magical talents. She had been raised on Wiccan traditions, and refuses to use her abilites for violence, causing a rift in how useful she could be to the organization. Working out a deal, she attended a minor local magical university with a focus on Law, with the promise of being on call for them, should the services of a magic lawyer be needed.

College Life

Shortly Before attending College she changed her appearance & Sex with body-sculpting, using money gained from her scholarships and new associates. Adopting an entirely new look. her personality slowly changed as she grew into a new person. She regularly attempts to change small things here and there, stretching the limits she can go before losing touch with her magical abilities. Her life in college was a simple one of studying hard to pass her classes, and learn what magic she could, preferring to focus on gaining power and abilities in order to reduce her reliance on the Finnigan Family. Finishing school she hadn't made many friends other than anarchist and other Magic-users, coming into contact with Bianka Dreschler. Taking work from the woman, she began moving away from her mafia influences.

Emergent Shadowrunner

Starting life as a shadowrunner unwilling to harm others was difficult at first, but Aurelia found her niche. Doing work in recon, data gathering, healing and support roles. Finding herself healing nameless shadowrunners in dark alleys most nights. She began sending the mafia money, slowly at first, whatever she could spare. working towards negating and paying off her debt with the irregular work.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Watch the Suit

With a touch of her Magical aura, Aurelia makes sure to keep her appearance spiffy!


  • Distinctive Style

A large floofy Witch hat is worn at all times, and her Mannerisms tend to be memorable.

  • Pacifist

Against their code of behavior, in the Wiccan Rede.

Run History

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Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bianka Dreschler 3 1 Fixer Info-Broker Chaos Magic Magician, Anarchist, Paracritter Lover, Linguist Even
Frank "Popper" Cherry 5 1 Networking Finnigan Family Capo Finnigan, Deal Maker, Intimidator, Born Leader, Tabs On The Competition, Vengeful Even




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