Aztechnology Cuts Heads off SK

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Date: 2081-12-06 By: Resistor

Aztechnology cuts heads off Saeder-Krupp

Across a series of understated public press releases, the SK conglomerate bid farewell to several high ranking members this week; the VP of research for Vulcan Systems was quoted as wanting to spend more time with his family. Meanwhile, the North American Marketing director of BMW--a central SK brand--was transitioning to a less public position within the company according to an internal memo on Tuesday. We're not going to be seeing Frau Dorothe Schulze at company press conferences moving forward. Marion Schillinger, a software engineer and project lead for Hermes Matrix Services also took a leave of absence, according to a press docket dumped on Saturday.

This isn't truth.

It's common knowledge that corporations view their employees as assets, not individuals; it's not particularly hidden that these companies poach talent from each other by any means necessary. BUT, for three high ranking SK professionals who are tagged like cattle and guarded like kings who may run away at any moment, these press releases do little to stifle the truth since each was photographed in Aztechnology compounds mere days after SK pressers went out.

Inside sources indicate that these three talents were kidnapped mid-air in a high risk extraction. Sources on the ground in mid west states provide corroborating evidence as several black op corpses, using full SK-issued gear, fell thousands of feet and -- according to local interviews -- exploded upon impact. That was the running theory until a body was found, hanging the branches of a two-hundred year old Plains Cottonwood tree. Less than half a mile away from the other sky-diving dead men, and despite the soft descent, our tree hugging operative was missing most of his head thanks to an explosive device implanted intracranially by his employer.

Several questions remain. Why did Aztechnology make such a bold play at SK? What repercussions will there be for such a centralized strike at high value talent? And--perhaps most importantly--why was SK gathering talent from several subsidiary corporations together, guarded by military-grade strike teams?

We'll keep digging if you keep reading.

Stay safe. Stay Vigilant. Resist!

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