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Attack Decker
Smashing his way through the Matrix
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.November 9th 2054
Metatype - B
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


Probably not the largest troll you've ever seen, but maybe the smartest, really. He's also one of the few troll members of the Reality Hackers, and thus sports their colours and their deck. He's a high-edge Attack Decker who takes great pleasure in smashing his way through the matrix.


Prove himself to other members of the Reality Hacks, build a larger reputation, and get some new solid gear.


BRU73-F0RC3 grew up in the Ork Undergound, growing up and learning there on the streets. While fairly smart for a troll, he was used mostly as muscle by some very small time gangs. Eventually he got his hands on a trainee and started, well, goofing around. Low end script kiddy stuff, messing with stuffer shack hosts and messing with cheap commlinks. Eventually though, he built up his skills, and move up from there, defacing slightly larger hosts, screwing with their IC, and eventually getting himself noticed by the Reality Hackers. From there he was recruited into the gang, building his skills, partying, screwing with hosts and devices, putting together the signiture Yak Killer deck, and occasionally beating the shit out of someone.

During his time dueling it out on the matrix, he made the acquantince of another troll decker, who goes by Mr. Incognito. While he does not respect Incognito's decking ability, when contacted and offered a reasonable sum to help Incognito out of a tight spot he talked himself into, Brute accepted.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Natural Hardening - Brute's been through a lot of matrix combat over his years, and this has probably kept him alive

Restricted Gear (Yak Killer), Solid Rep (Reality Hackers), Code of Honour: Thug Lyfe) - Brute's a full member of the Reality Hackers. Some of his earnings and his home is theirs.

Poor Self Control (Vindictive), Prejudice (Outspoken)(Technomancers) - Brute is not kind to those who cross him, frag him over, or piss him off. Especially Technomancers. Their bulldrek has fragged with him too many damn times, and he's quick to get back at them.

Run History




Member of the Reality Hackers Matrix Gang



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


R4 Jimmy Smithson - Cyberdeck, Hazardous Area Equipment Inspector


A slightly unkempt troll, towering at 8'10" in height a few hundred kilos.


A Graphic T-shirt of an up-and-coming Trog Rock band and a solid pair of Jeans.

Matrix Persona

A towering Troll made of silver cyberdeck parts and adorned in golden robes. If observed carefully, a number of 'scars' can be seen across the various parts that make up the persona.

Media Mentions

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