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LocationEdge of the Redmond Barrens
Result One distraught husband knows where his wife is and lived to tell.
Factions Involved
Vory Ares Macrotechnology
Commanders and leaders
Yokai (Dusk)


Your fixer securely drops you a line.

"Somebody is over their head at a popup. The job is for a couple of Girlscouts with flashlights to walk them home."

"Need you to go now!"

"Opposition? Its a popup on the edge of the 'rens... there are hundreds of burners there and the party is ON. Could be a tickle could be cold bed."

"Prepaid 10k for you, bonus if there are complications not of your making"

"What, do you want to live forever?"


Benjamin Costello, an Ares manager/Decker is caught at the Popup 'rens party of the year being hunted by the Vory who have kidnapped his wife. His off the books personal run has gone to hell and they are closing in on him. He has phoned a friend and called in a favor.


Rabbit, Yokai, Never and Fylgja answered the call for an emergency delivery.

They learn the customer is stuck in the middle of a giant, illegal, Anarchy K-Pop concert that has sprung up at a giant empty hanger on the edge of the Barrens. By the time they arrive thousands of locals crowd the place and there is gridlock for 3 blocks in every direction as everyone is headed for the 30 foot high Trid Phantasm of the singer and the 100,000 watts of spine shaking speakers blasting out the audible saccharine.

The ad hoc team meet up for the first time at the edge of the gridlock and nearly come to blows. A strong reaction by Fylgja and some obvious magery, silence spell, gets the passers by to post them up on social media. Eventually they sort out how they feel about each other and head into the popup to find their client.

In the belly of the beast that is this thumping bumping crowd of joiboys, goodtime gyrls, posers, pushers, poppers, rockers, ragers, smokers and jokers the squad finds itself looking for a needle in the haystack.

With the thinnest of directions and descriptions the team navigate the crowd, with Yokai metamagically cleansing the lvl 2 background count as they go, until they have passed the outer crowd and gained the doorway to the hanger.

From there Rabbit with a levitational hand from Never rises above the crowd and SPOTS the target at the back of the hanger amongst a thousand people.

On the way to pick up their employer the team identifies a maniple of Vory hardmen working a skirmish line through the crowd toward their target.

Some fancy booty shaking from Fylgja distracts one of the Vory while an influence power from a spirit Never summons brings the Vory hunters to a halt and then arguments while the team ghosts pasts them and collects the frightened client to come with them.

The exfiltration goes well and the team is back at the rally point when they are ambushed by Vory snipers who were vectored in on the team's prior location from when they made a scene in the crowd at the beginning of the run.

FAST Yokai is not surprised, he spots the hitters and gets off a first shot that pops the faster of the two snipers with a spell knocking him down on the roof across the street. The Vory is not down for long as he rolls to his feet rocking and rolling on full auto with his AK98. Realizing the Vory is aiming at the principal Yokai throws himself in front of Benjamin Costello and catches the full burst that would have chopped the decker into thumb sized pieces.

Rabbit uses a fear power to scare the bejezuz out of the first Vory who retreats in panic.

Surprised Fylgja and Never can't act fast enough and the second Vory lays down full auto planned fire AGAIN on the principal and for a second time shots that would have killed him are caught by another. This time it is Rabbit who steps in the way and is torn to shreds, riddled with bullets, holes blown in him so you can see right through him, Rabbit goes down.

Bleeding and not kidding anymore Yokai snaps off an incantation that drops the second Vory and clears the field.

To no ones surprise most of the holes close on Rabbit and all on Yokai. Once this miraculous yet expected event occurs the crew makes tracks with the principal to a safer harbor.


Later in a single A security district outside an Ares office building under the eyes of Ares staff as Benjamin Costello emerges from the car he answers the question posed to him of what he did to get on the wrong side of the Vory. His reply as he walked away "They kidnapped my wife."

Clearly its not over for Benjamin.


6 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen


6 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen


6 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen

Well considering this was a job between jobs, nice and easy pay. I havent been to a rave since my wild teenager days with Yuki back in Japan. I'm glad that I didn't have to murder any of those Vory hitmen, no point in escalating bad blood between rival syndicates. Although in hindsight, killing a few Vory and pinning the blame on the Shotozumi rengo, would have been spicy. I hope that guy avenges his wife. I know I'd tear apart half the city of something were to happen to Yuki.


6 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen


6 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen