Barbarian's Initiation 1

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Barbarian's Initiation 1
LocationHyborian Metaplane
Result Barbarian defeated a Bug queen in single combat and initiated.
Factions Involved
numerous Bug spirits, 1 Bug queen, Skeleton king (former owner of the Atlantean Sword)
The Atlantean: A F4 claymore weapon focus accessible to Barbarian only when in the Hyborian Metaplane
Casualties and losses
numerous Bug spirits, 1 Bug queen, Skeleton king


Barbarian's initiation run



Barbarian wakes up to find himself transported to a Hyborian Jungle. He tracks down a house, fights a skeleton king and claims his claymore weapon focus for his own. Barbarian then finds a great pyramid, where he fights numerous bug spirits, finally ending in a bug queen boss fight. Barbarian defeats the bug queen and wakes up in his room, having initiated.


Barbarian initiates for the first time


12 karma

AAR: I do not know how, but in my sleep I was somehow transported into this realm. When I woke up, I found myself in this hyborian fantasy metaplane, my armor and weapons gone. Arming myself with a thick branch of a tree, I made my way through the forest and stumbled across an ancient tomb. It was inhabited by ancient bones of a king, ancient possessed bones. After our battle, I gave him one final end, a warrior's end and claimed his mighty sword for my own. My journey through this alien land continued till I found myself staring at an immense ziggurat. It was guarded by many insect warriors. The war never ends for me and soon I found myself bathed in the green blood of insect warriors, finally ascending the top to fight the mighty Queen, a blight on this land. The fight was fierce, but in the end I prevailed. The queen's severed head lay at my feet and I felt a surge of power like never before. Next thing, I awoke back in my bed. Was it all a dream?