Basilisk Lady

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Basilisk Lady
Part of ShadowHaven Shutdown
LocationSeattle, Renton
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Insect Spirits
Bwyell Waedlyd
White Star
2xaugmented Basilisks
Wasp Spirit
Casualties and losses
part of the Light in the Shadows Event


The runners invade an old lady's house to steal documents and are confronted with her pets as well as a Wasp Spirit.


Lydia Alexander is a veteran public servant who has never found a husband. Instead, she loves basilisks, which she lovingly cares for in her home. Lydia works in the office of the Rentoner DA and plays a central role there. Since she is not allowed to take data home on a memory chip to continue working there (which she wants to do as a work aholic) she copies many documents on real paper (old school). As a security measure, she has the agent rewrite the printouts in Welch. Lydia has accumulated a huge amount of documents at home over time. The FBI has become aware of this and hopes to find evidence in Lydia's papers that the DA's office has been taken over by Bugs. The Bugs themselves also know that Lydia is taking documents home and have taken over one of their basilisks with a soldier to keep an eye on the lady. When the basilisk came back from the doctor, she was told the animal was fine but had spontaneous mutations.

The Meet

The FBI meets with the Runners in a parking garage and explains the task. Lydia's documents are to be copied and as little fuss as possible is to be made. White Star is able to negotiate the payment up to 10,000 Nuyen. Then the runners are thrown out of the van again with a burner commlink and the coordinates of Lydia's house in a row house settlement in Renton.

The Plan

While Heracles finds out some information about the target, her neighborhood, the house and the cameras installed there, White Star turns into a bat and explores the house on the spot. They find out that Lydia has some strange animals that can pose a threat. The team decides to attempt a break-in at night.

The Run

The Runners sneak surprisingly well to the front door, which Heracles opens with his technomancer skills. While Bwyell and White Star go down to the basement, Heracles is on his way up to make sure Lydia sleeps through the night. In the basement, Bwyell and White Star encounter the basilisks. They quickly manage to take out two of the basilisks, but then White Star is overwhelmed by the Insect Spirit. Bwyell has to fight her way through the rest of the basilisks alone and take out the Insect Spirit - which she succeeds in doing. In the meantime, Heracles shoots Lydia with Stick and Shock ammo to make sure she stays in Dreamland. The Runners decide to simply take all the documents and hand them over to the FBI - since the presence of an Insect Spirit is a clear change in the situation.


Bwyell has found a guy in a seedy bar to cover their tracks and calls him to get him to work. The FBI is pleased with the outcome after they learn that an Insect Spirit was with Lydia.


  • 8.000 Nuyen (4 RVP)
  • 2.000 Nuyen (Nego money)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • +5 FBI Rep

White Star

  • Though as nails 1 Rank (5 RVP)

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