Battle Idol Audition

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Battle Idol Audition
LocationHBI 48 Studios
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
HBI 48
Spinglobal Combat DJ's
El Ellie


Hydro became an idol and Ellie got promoted to 2nd string/center for 3rd string!


Hydro wants to become an idol so that she and Ellie can stay together, especially when Ellie moves up in the ranks.

The Meet

There, wasn't really one.

The Plan

Do well?

The Run

Hydro started her first test, singing. And then there was noise outside. So she tried again. And there was more noise. And then 3 Spinglobal Combat DJ Centaurs burst into the room and challenged us. Hydro and Ellie beat them on singing, then dancing, then singing. Then they tried to challenge us to fight but Ellie talked them down from that. So then Hydro, Ellie, and another 3rd string beat the centaurs at singing, dancing, and shooting (this time all at the same time). The centaurs then left after giving Hydro and Ellie a boombox and paying for the wall they broke.


Ace promoted Ellie and passed Hydro. In order to work together and stay at the same rank, Ellie came up with the idea to be the center for the 3rd strings since she's such a good leader.


Hydro: Corporate Limited SIN (Horizon), Day Job (10 hours), 16 karma, 2 CDP

El Ellie: Permission to buy Rank 1 (Military Or Law Enforcement) at chargen cost, Day Job (10 hours -> 20 hours), 16 karma, 2 CDP

Both: +3 Spin Global Rep 1 Rising Star Instrument (Boombox) *Internal Synthlink *Enough Lights To Blind A Crowd *Platinum-Plated Rave Amps *Platinum Framing

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This is going to be fun to try and hide from the others now. Hopefully Mr. Powers and I can work something out